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"Episode From Red County" - Dyom Mission Pack

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Episodes From Red County

Story :

The story takes place in 2007 at a place called Red County. One guy here wants to retreat from intrusive mafia and police. His name is James Rolson. Normal immigrant from Vice City.

Missions :

Episode 1 - Newcomer in the Town.

The Beginning
First day in the town
Meeting with friends
New business,new stuff,new people

Episode 2 - Rebirth,New Hope.

Blowing up Russians
Phillip Morris
Ambush - W.I.P.
Reunite and gone away- W.I.P.

Episode 3 - W.I.P.

Characters :

James Rolson - He's a newcomer in the town Dillimore in Red County. Playable character.
Is optimistic and curious.His motto is to have friends and not alone..

Peter Johansson - It's Cool. In Dillimore been living for quite a long time.Offers little work. It's a little hothead, but it is very wise.

Marty Nelson - Marty owns a bar in Dillimore. Has under its thumb, a quarter of the city. Doing big deals. Offers quality work at a good price.

Ralph Carreri - He's own employment agency. In general, deals with criminal activities.

Philip Harris - He's old gambler,usually occurs in casinos or bars.

Mr.Wolf - He's assistant to the new firm.

- He's new friend with James Rolson.


Colors of missions

Red- Preparation
Orange- Almost Done
Green- Done

Edited by PrimeCz
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I have to try this! I love country and country music! happy.gif


EDIT: I've tried them and here is my opinion:


Story - Good. I like it.


Gameplay - Well, missions are a bit dumb, example, in fourth mission, how do you know where is Yusaf? Also, in one mission when you get a car, it is Washington. But in next one it is Esperanto. notify.gif Missions are challenging, there are no, mostly, blips on map, and I like that. Introduction is good, I like it. And, I love the unlocking stuff (example, "new town is available to roam", " you got the new car").


Grammar - Terrible. At least put spaces behind commas and full stops. icon14.gif


Suggestions - In second mission you put the player into the interior. When I got out, it kicked me out on Whetstone instead of on Red Country. So never put a player into interior, only actors.


I like it very much. Keep it up! cool.gif

Edited by AB0333
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