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Best Rappers and Worst Rappers

Recommended Posts

Big Remi

Best Rappers in no particular order:


Notorious B.I.G.


The LOX/D-Block

Busta Rhymes


Bun-B of UGK

Ludacris (pre-2004)

Jay-Z (before he sold out)

50 Cent

Wu-Tang Clan



Worst Rappers:


Soulja Boy

Waka Flocka Flame (my IQ felt like it temporarily dropped 10 points after hearing one of his songs)

GS Boyz (Their song titles sound like diseases rather than dance moves)

Lil Jon

Travis Porter

New Boyz

Cali Swag District

Edited by Big Remi

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Best rappers:


Tragedy Khadafi



Shabazz the Disciple




Worst rappers:


Whatever's on BET right now.

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i hope the next GTA has a proper hiphop radio station next time, like old school and underground, boom bap and raw head boppin sh*t.. im really unimpressed with TBOGT's hiphop. some of the songs on classic FM were ok.

im definately NOT talking about songs by people like dr dre, snoop dog, or any of the completely generic predictable choices.


and ye MF Doom is sick, for me hes only sick, but for some of my friends hes a god.

What GTA needs to have in it's soundtrack is more stuff like in Radio Los Santos except less of the generic and predictable Dr. Dre and 2Pac stuff. Y'know, some classic gangsta rap like Geto Boys, Spice 1 and more Too $hort and Compton's Most Wanted

i agree that ppl like dre and pac are generic/predictable choices, same with snoop dog and all that bollocks


i dont kno the ppl u listed, ill look them up another time, im not keen on pure gangsta rap to be honest..


however recently i been gettin into some old school underground west coast sh*t, Grimm Teachaz, Son Doobie, Funk Doobiest.


i prefer more east coast personally, illmatic nas, the infamous mobb deep, gangstarr, krs, premier beats r sick as f*ck, and these r just the obvious names comin str8 to my head.


only rap on GTA iv ever beenn hyped to hear was Big Pun and kool g rap on san andreas, royce da 5'9 on game FM gta3 and jeru the damaja on IV. although i might be forgettin some


typing on this sh*t is LONG

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