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Problems trying to play online.


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This is my first post.


I've download GTA 1 from rockstar website.

Well...their version didn't worked. Always crashed, etc..

Then i decided to download one from a torrent.


Okay, worked fine in SP...

but when i try multiplayer, i can create the game, etc...then i wait for my friend to join.

when he joins...it appears that i found him.


but when i press enter to start the game, it freezes for some seconds, then show the message "Oh dear - Communications failed".

he told me that gta crashes on his computer when he tries to play online with me, and if he creates the game and i try to join, it crashes for me. Wich means, the game crashes for the person who's trying to join.


We're both running Win7 Ultimate 64 bits.

ports are opened on the firewalls/routers.

tried trough hamachi too, didn't worked.

tried compatiblity mode (xp sp2, xp sp3, run as administrator), none of 'em worked.


Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.



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Well shouldn't the server be running on my local computer ?

Since my friend needs to insert my ip addres in order to join the game, and i only get able to start the game after he joins, i believe the server is local.


Its most a compatibility problem i'm not being able to find.

Also, i got a fix for the problem with "player_a.dat".


I forgot if i found it here or in another place, but its an "gta launcher". Nice.


And about fake copy..

Well, i tried two different copies (The one from Rockstar wich one i have to install/etc , and another from torrent). Both of 'em show the same result =(

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Mainland Marauder

We can't help you with pirated versions. It's possible that online play is not supported anymore. I can't imagine there are a whole lot of people wanting to play the very first GTA online when GTA IV has online multiplayer.

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  • 4 weeks later...

It's not a problem with servers being shutdown since in GTA1 you host your own server (there was never any dedicated server). It's still possible to play it multiplayer but it might not be compatible with Windows 7 64bit or your hardware. Does it work in singleplayer on both computers?


How have you verified that the ports are open? Does GTA2 multiplayer work? That uses the same ports.

Edited by Sektor
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Hi Sektor

GTA2 multiplayer works finely, even with friends of mine with the ports closed on their routers.

I play it at least one time per day and i saw your nick there eh.


Well dude. I'm being the server and i'm on my router's dmz.

Also, even if i connect the internet directly to my pc it doesn't work.


I think its an incompatiblity with Windows 7. Singleplayer with the launcher (because of player_a.dat) works flawlessly.


Any ideas ?

I tried every compatiblity mode, admin mode, etc...

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  • 3 weeks later...

the game he downloaded is pirated, he said he download a torrent and pirated support is not supported on this forum and basically illigal copys of a game has its weakness.

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There are no pirated versions, the game is free.

What the f*ck is pirated version?? If he downloaded it from a P2P site, it is his choice. There are no illegal versions since the game is free.

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There are no pirated versions, the game is free.

What the f*ck is pirated version?? If he downloaded it from a P2P site, it is his choice. There are no illegal versions since the game is free.

if you play gta sa, vc or IV or eflc, you will know what is pirated, if you just stay around gta 1 and 2 forum you probrably won't know what it is since nobody uses pirated version for GTA 1 and 2 as its not worth going through torrents. anyway pirated games are more known as illigal games and there are all sorts of pirated games even the most ex games and its not reconmanded as it has alot of crashes, glitches, errors ( for pc in IV, the errors known for pirated version is SMPA 60, DN10, DN20)

pirated games may also get you to jail in certain countries and whats worst is almost most of this pirated games you download contains virus.

from dictionary : a person who uses or reproduces the work or invention of another without authorization.

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