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Who Do You Support?

King Kapone

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King Kapone

With Wreckless Jake's permission, I am now going to oversee the "Who Do You Support" thread. As you will see, I've already updated his work to include all of the information submitted by many of you throughout the 3 pages of the Version III thread. If anyone would like to add to this topic, please do. If any previous participants would like to alter their favorite teams or add more teams, please feel free to do that as well. Finally, if a staff member feels it would be beneficial to unpin the Version III thread and pin this one in it's place, that would be appreciated greatly.


The final disclaimer, I suppose I have, is that I am not a strong follower of any form of soccer (football) so, if I have made any mistakes to the countries/team names/etc, let me know as soon as possible so that I can make corrections.


Without further ado, here goes..





user posted image



Username Team
Bartleby Oakland Athletics
beto. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Chargr Los Angeles Dodgers
ClingingMArs New York Mets
gta_player5 New York Yankees
Hodgey1989 New York Yankees
King Kapone New York Yankees
Mainland Marauder Houston Astros
Markwey New York Yankees
Master Bate New York Yankees
Runey. New York Yankees
Scarface187 San Diego Padres
Stefche Los Angeles Dodgers
TDP992 Florida Marlins
The-King New York Yankees
tripmills Philadelphia Phillies
Vanilla Shake New York Yankees



user posted image



Username Team
-m3l- Orlando Magic
!!GameCH33TA!! Denver Nuggets
!!GameCH33TA!! Miami Heat
Bartleby Sacramento Kings
beto. Los Angeles Lakers
Chargr Los Angeles Lakers
Cheat Los Angeles Lakers
ClingingMArs San Antonio Spurs
Darkye Los Angeles Lakers
DOOM! Oklahoma City Thunder
Graven Los Angeles Lakers
gta_player5 New York Knicks
Kwandilibro New York Knicks
leeg1931 New York Knicks
LanceVanceDance07 Toronto Raptors
Mainland Marauder Houston Rockets
Reggie.T New Jersey Nets
Runey. Charlotte Bobcats
Scarface187 Boston Celtics
Stefche Cleveland Cavaliers
Straznicy Boston Celtics
TDP992 Los Angeles Lakers
The-King Detroit Pistons
tripmills Philadelphia 76ers
Vanilla Shake New York Knicks
Xtreme_2010 Los Angeles Lakers
YouMeSupreme Golden State Warriors



Username Team
gta_player5 Syracuse Orange
Stefche USC Trojans
The-King Texas Longhorns
TUBBSthezombie Gonzaga Bulldogs
TUBBSthezombie Texas Longhorns

FOOTBALL (American)


user posted image



Username Team
!!GameCH33TA!! New York Giants
Bartleby San Francisco 49'ers
ClingingMArs Dallas Cowboys
DanManUtd Miami Dolphins
Doink San Diego Chargers
DOOM! Dallas Cowboys
Graven San Francisco 49ers
gta_player5 Miami Dolphins
Hodgey1989 Oakland Raiders
King Kapone Philadelphia Eagles
Kwandilibro New York Giants
leeg1931 New England Patriots
Lethal Nizzle Indianapolis Colts
Mainland Marauder Green Bay Packers
Master Bate New York Giants
Runey. Carolina Panthers
Scarface187 San Diego Chargers
something_else Arizona Cardinals
Straznicy Oakland Raiders
Stefche Oakland Raiders
TDP992 Pittsburgh Steelers
The-King Indianapolis Colts
tripmills Philadelphia Eagles
TUBBSthezombie Seattle Seahawks
Vanilla Shake New York Giants
YouMeSupreme San Francisco 49'ers



Username Team
DOOM! Oklahoma Sooners
Hodgey1989 South Florida Bulls
Kwandilibro Ohio State
Master Bate Michigan Wolverines
Stefche USC Trojans
The-King Texas Longhorns
TUBBSthezombie Texas Longhorns

user posted image



Name Team
TUBBSthezombie Spokane Shock



Name Team
-m3l- FC Barcelona (Spain)
!!GameCH33TA!! Brazil (Intertional)
!!GameCH33TA!! Real Madrid (Spain)
02fishera Blackpool (England)
3minty3 Cardiff (England)
3minty3 Chelsea (England)
3minty3 Rangers (Scotland)
3minty3 Real Madrid (Spain)
3minty3 Scotland (International)
3minty3 Spain (International)
Aussiebushmatt AC Milan (Italy)
Aussiebushmatt FC Barcelona (Spain)
Aussiebushmatt Portsmouth FC (England)
Bates_GTA Aston Villa (England)
Bendy Stoke City (England)
Bertrum Liverpool (England)
Canada Arsenal (England)
Canoxa FC Porto (Portugal)
Canoxa Portugal (International)
Chargr Argentina (International)
Cheat Real Madrid
Chunk Totternham Hostpur (England)
ClingingMArs DC United (United States)
ClingingMArs Liverpool (England)
dakshay95 Arsenal (England)
DanManUtd Crystal Palace (England)
DanManUtd England (International)
Dark Wizard Ajax (Holland)
Dark Wizard England (International)
Dark Wizard Fiorentina (Italy)
Dark Wizard Totternham Hotspur/Newcastle United (England)
Dark Wizard Valencia (Spain))
Dark Wizard Wolfsburg (Germany)
Darkye Totternham Hotspur/Newcastle United (England)
Der_Don Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
Der_Don Germany (International)
DiESt Manchester United (England)
DJSmurf2009 Chelsea (England)
docrikowski Italy (International)
docrikowski Jeventus (Italy)
Doink FC Dallas (United States)
Flesh-n-Bone Germany (International)
Flesh-n-Bone Real Madrid (Spain)
Flesh-n-Bone Wolfsburg (Germany)
Graven Brazil (International)
gta_lad Manchester United (England)
gta_player5 Arsenal (England)
gta3kuruma Astonvilla (England)
Hodgey1989 England (International)
Hodgey1989 Liverpool (England)
II J0SePh X II Manchester United (England)
Idee Arsenal (England)
Idee Ajax (Netherlands)
Idee Germany (International)
Idee Netherlands (International)
ItalianStalion Liverpool (England)
King of Monra Arsenal (England)
LanceVanceDance07 England (International)
LanceVanceDance07 Toronto FC (Canada)
leeg1931 Chelsea FC
leeg1931 Linfield FC (Northern Ireland)
leeg1931 Northern Ireland (International)
Lethal Nizzle Cardiff City (England)
lLethal Nizzle Tottenham Hotspur (Englandl)
logob Arsenal (England)
Mainland Marauder Houston Dynamo (United States)
Master Bate AC Milan (Italy)
Maverick. Carlton FC (Australia)
nerner Bristol City FC (England)
nerner FK Željezničar (Bosnia)
Nixon Manchester United/AS Roma (England/Italy)
Pandazoot Arsenal (England)
rhyn Manchester United (England)
rhyn Rangers (Scotland)
rhyn Scotland (International)
Runey. Arsenal (England)
Runey. Carolina RailHawks (United States)
Runey. United States (International)
Seddo England (International)
Seddo Liverpool (England)
Sikks66 Manchester United (England)
smaisey Swindon Town FC (England)
spdrflc Liverpool (England)
something_else Manchester United (England)
Stefche FK Crvena Zvezda Beograd (Serbia)
Stefche Manchester United (England)
Stefche Melbourne Heart (Australia)
Stefche Olympiacos (Greece)
Stefche Serbia (International)
Straznicy Atalanta (Italy)
Straznicy Athlethic Bilbao (Spain)
Straznicy Celtic FC (Scotland)
Straznicy CZKA Moskva (Russia)
Straznicy FC St. Pauli (Germany)
TUBBSthezombie Seattle Sounders FC (USA)
vForssell Birmingham City FC (England)
ViceCity09 Swansea City (England)
wolfy boy England (International)
wolfy boy Wolverhampton (England)
Xtreme_2010 Australia (International)
Xtreme_2010 Geelong FC (Australia)
YouMeSupreme Juventus (Italy)
YouMeSupreme Fram Reykjavik (Iceland)
YouMeSupreme Manchester United (England)
YouMeSupreme Real Madrid (Spain)
YouMeSupreme Werder Bremen (Germany)

FORMULA 1 (World)



Name Team
Graven Nico Rosberg
Seddo Jenson Button
Seddo Lewis Hamilton
Stefche Mark Webber

HOCKEY (World)




Name Team
!!GameCH33TA!! Detroit Redwings
Canada Ottawa Senators
Bartleby Detroit Redwings
Cheat Atlanta Thrashers
ClinginMArs Washington Capitals
Doink Dallas Stars
Graven Detroit Redwings
gta_player5 New York Rangers
02fishera New York Islanders
Markwey New York Rangers
Markwey Philadelphia Flyers
Master Bate Toronto Maple Leafs
Runey. Carolina Hurricanes
something_else Detroit Redwings
Stefche Los Angeles Kings
tripmills Philadelphia Flyers
Vanilla Shake New York Rangers
YouMeSupreme New York Islanders

HOCKEY (Other/International)


Name Team
Canada Canada (International)
Canada Petersborough Petes (Ontario HL)
leeg1931 Belfast Giants (Elite Ice HL)
Master Bate Toronto St. Michael Majors (Ontario HL)

RUGBY (World)


RUGBY LEAGUE (International)


Name Team
Bertrum St. Helens (England)
wolfy boy Gloucester (England)
Seddo St. Helens (England)
Stefche Australia (International)
Stefche Melbourne Storm (Australia)

There will be more athletic sports covered by this thread soon. I realize there are some F1 and Rugby teams to be added and they should appear here shortly.


Thank you for participating - I hope to update this weekly.


Last Updated: October 21st, 2010


- Pictures are just a TEST as of right now -

Edited by King Kapone


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Easy enough for me.

NHL - Philadelphia Flyers

NFL - Philadelphia Eagles

MLB - Philadelphia Phillies

NBA - Philadelphia 76ers




Oh, and I am far from fair weather. Solid supporter since birth.

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Mainland Marauder

Eh, why the hell not.


MLB - Houston Astros - tough times right now.

NFL - Green Bay Packers - was a fan since they had that one great quarterback....Don Majkowski! wow.gif (He was the starter before Brett Favre.)

NBA - Houston Rockets. Clutch City.

NHL - more a fan of the game than any team. Hoping for Houston to get a team soon.

Soccer - Houston Dynamo (MLS)

"You tell me exactly what you want, and I'll explain to you very carefully why it cannot be."

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Major League Baseball: New York Yankees

National Basketball Association: New York Knicks

National Football League: Miami Dolphins

National Hockey League: New York Rangers

National Collegiate Athletics Association - Men's Basketball: Syracuse Orange

Football - English Premier League: Arsenal


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King Kapone

Updated to include all three. Thanks for the pin, MM!


viddy_pirate.gif KK


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Vanilla Shake

I'll post the old stuff and the new stuff.


MLB: New York Yankees

NBA: New York Knicks

NFL: New York Giants

NHL: New York Rangers

TC718 / <629 / CF5


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Soccer: Arsenal (England)

Carolina RailHawks (United States)


Baseball: New York Yankees


user posted image
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NBA: OKC Thunder

NFL : Dallas Cowboys

NCAA: Oklahoma Sooners

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• FK Crvena Zvezda Beograd (Serbia)

• Manchester United (England)

• Melbourne Heart (Australia)


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King Kapone

Updated now to include everyone who has posted so far. Next update should be tomorrow or the day after, depending on how many more people show up.


viddy_pirate.gif KK


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NFL: San Francisco 49ers

NBA: Sacramento Kings

NHL: Detroit Red Wings

MLB: Oakland Athletics


Arranged in order of my fanaticism.

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Football/Soccer - Arsenal FC.


National Bowls Association - Winchester Wings


Joking on the second one...

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Thanks for updating this, I really couldn't be arsed continuing with mine; it does get a bit tedious to update, especially when you haven't been online for a while (especially with the tables and what not). icon14.gif

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King Kapone

Updated today, 16:00 EST. smile.gif


@ smaisey: If you happen to follow my link, I've included your post from the V3 thread already. icon14.gif


viddy_pirate.gif KK


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Football - Liverpool

Rugby League - St Helens

Formula 1 - Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button


Edit: Just realised you will update other sports at a later time. Missed Liverpool off the football list for me though.

Edited by Seddo


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Okay, now that there's a new thread. Could you include...


Soccer- Linfield FC (Northern Ireland)

Iternational soccer- Northern Ireland (I know, I know; we're sh*t)

American Football- New England Patriots

Hockey (Other)- Belfast Giants

Basketball- New York Knicks


EDIT- I noticed that you spelt Arsenal wrong on gta_player5's block you spelt it Arsernal.


LEE-GEE OUT sign-clinton.gif

Edited by leeg1931
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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers

Football/Soccer (World): Australia (International)

Football/Aussie Rules: Geelong FC



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King Kapone

Updated this morning, 09:15 EST. smile.gif


Thank you for the correction, leeg1931.


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Here are my favorites:


NBA - Los Angeles Lakers

NFL - San Francisco 49´ers

Soccer (World) - Brazil

Formula1 - Nico Rosberg

NHL - Detroit Redwings


Nice table btw icon14.gif Maybe You could add more some major sports there like tennis etc?


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football (soccer) wolverhamton wanderers and england

nhl yankees

rugby gloucester icon14.gif

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So, here we go again:


Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund

International: Germany


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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers

NHL: Los Angeles Kings

NFL: Oakland Raiders

NCAA: USC Trojans

Rugby League: Melbourne Storm (Australia)

Rugby Union (International): Australia (International)

Edited by Stefche


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Football = Liverpool

Rugby = St Helens


no big suprises there considering i'm from Liverpool wink.gif


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