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Save corrupt?

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My save is corrupt,i start loading nothing :< damn!How to fix it i just got to final mision!!!!!Is Anyone there to fix that how to solve my problem?My save link is here click me!

Edited by lol232
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won't load for me either.... you are likely screwed....


It is a good practice to ALWAYS rotate save slots when playing through your game- for this very reason... if your save gets corrupt, you only lose a few missions worth of progress...


I've only had a save get corrupt 1 time and this saved me.... (GTA IV about 2 years ago)

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Well is there way to fix it?

I don't think so. Your best bet is to either start a new game or download a save and continue from there.

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Is there a way to do it with hax of something like in GTA SA?Is there a GTA VC Save game editor or something?Im looking all over it!!!

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As far as I know there's no savegame editor, but you could use a savefile from the Downloads Database. Or you can start from the beginning and skip unwanted parts of the game using TimeVault and other code tools (found at the aforementioned link).


To prevent this from happening again, the best thing to do would be to rotate your save slots, as Spuds as mentioned above. Save your game after every mission or as frequently as you can.

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To add, there are 8 Save Slots available to you, so there should be no reason why you wouldn't have another save that is near the point where you were.?


But, as GTArv has pointed out, there is the Downloads Database that has saves from pretty much every mission point. Check those out and see if you find one that suits you.


If you have to start a new game, however, it is real easy thanks to Demerest's Time Vault code tool, that can pass any mission for you(it passes everything but robbing the stores), as for the packages and Unique Jumps, Shatterstorm(Packages) and there is one for the UJ's, but I forgot the name of it-lol. Time Vault will pass the Rampages for you, all you have to do is find them. So, this is not a bad option either, if you have no other saves available-which you should, considering there are 8 Save Slots available to you. Hope this helps.

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Well corrupt happend when i just saved the game,played final mission,i beated it after credits the game just turned of why?lol!?I'll try those tools....Knock of stores eh?Dunnow,not problem i can do that in 15 mins tounge.gif.

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Just to add.... Wanderlust is the jump completer tool....


And just so you know, the code tools will not affect your ability to get 100%.... i completed a game to 100% passsing everything except ssa car delivery and store robbing with code tools and got 100%.... there are a few bugs with time vault in that it will not generate the money pickup icons for printworks or boat yard if you use it for those.... but works great otherwise...


Goood luck..... remember to rotate save slots next time....

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