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Wireless help


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Im just going to copy and paste the thread from the OCUKForums. For a computer forum, they are pretty ignorant. Anyway


I want my PC on the other side of my desk, like in the very crude diagram below, but when I have it there, my wireless signal drops to less than 40% from 90% on the other end of my desk. So I was wondering what I could do to improve it? Ive changed the channels and settings before you say, and no, It didn't help wink.gif


This is how my wireless is setup at this moment.


I have a Belkin N wireless PCI adaptor and a Belkin F5D8633UK4A


user posted image


Here is an idea Ive had to solve my problem


user posted image


Ive read that these gaming adapters can be used as wireless adapters for computers, I thought It would be good to run a long ish Ethernet cable around my room to where its placed on the diagram, giving me a better connection. Hopefully.


You might all shun me, but I have no idea on networks. I hate them and to be honest, I'd rather have a wired connection, but I cant be done.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There are tricks with wrapping aluminium foil around the router and/or the reciever


But if you want a guaranteed rise in signal you need either a more powerful router and/or reciever.

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There are dozens of different things you can do. As it's been said, move the router. I'm not so sure about wrapping aluminium foil around the antennas, that sounds more like what some people did/do for TV rabbit ear antenna however going from that idea there are DIY directional antennas you can build and even a "sail" you can put on the stock antennas and of course a number of antennas you can buy that'll do the same thing.

You can also get a wifi repeater/range extender that just plug into the wall (and configure) and helps get the wifi into those dead zones.


That idea you have to solve the problem, there's no reason why it wouldn't work.

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Fozzy Fozborne

The bad thing about routers is that they send signal mainly horizontally that eventually wraps around to provide vertical coverage. Your 45 degree angle is just about the worst you can get for the distance.


Consider moving your router onto the floor temporarily as this may boost the signal.


If you can find an N gaming adapter, that will work.


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