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Characters problem

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Well, i am from a brazilian GTA site. So, me and friends decide to do a GTA2 translation, from english to brazilian portuguese.


But we face a problem: when we type certain characters (as "á" and "ê") in the e.gxt file, a different character appears in the game.


We discover some things, like if you type "Ÿ" in the GXT file, an "ê" will appear in the game.


We already discover almost all the matching characters. But we miss some ("Ç", "ã", "õ", "Ã" and "Õ").


Do you guys know a easier method to discover that missing characters? There is a file that I can edit to solve that problem?

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Well, since GTA2 doesnt have all characters from all languages in the .sty files, it would be impossible to translate properly with all accents and stuff, some of them would be missing. Also, since GTA2 isnt unicode, à will show a different, blue "P", etc, causing weird stuff in game. So best thing you can do is simply translating with no accents, since its still understandable in some words tounge.gif

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I was expecting something like that.


There is no way to modify the .sty files to solve that problem?

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You can edit the sty files but you'd have to replace some characters to fix it

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I should use the GTA2 Style Editor?

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Use GTA2 STY Tool to edit the sty files, but you'd have to make 8-bit bmp images with correct dimentions and replace the correct characters to make it work in game, but since you have to, as I said before, replace some characters, you'd better just remove accents and cedilla, since it is still possible to understand most of the words without accents and cedilla in Portuguese :]

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I put the character in the .sty file, but when i play the game, the character instead of appearing blue, appears entirely black. And when the character must appear yellow, the game crashs. I think the problem are in the replacement, when is asked about the sprite's palette.


There is any tutorial to help me to use the program?


Thanks for the patience.




I do some things and now the character appears yellow. But still apearring black instead of blue.

Edited by CJBR

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