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GTA San Andreas Record Book 2.0


Recommended Posts

Cheats and Mods can make anything look good. I am for disqualifying them. They do not represent the Players skill, only the ability to change the code.

Edited by lil weasel
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Cheats and Mods can make anything look good. I am for disqualifying them. They do not represent the Players skill, only the ability to change the code.

You propably haven't seen the video, it isn't cheating.

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  • 2 weeks later...

like i said, cheats and mods are forbidden anyway,

but the question is if glitches should be,too.

in this case from now on only videos are allowed for races.


btw, i removed "longest chase time with 5 stars" cause of this reason.

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New record in dirtbike danger race (1:23)


- Game Version 1.1

- Draw Distance 0/16
- Frame Limiter OFF (120-130fps)
- Widescreen OFF
- Visual FX Quality LOW
- Mip Mapping OFF
- Anti Aliasing OFF
- Resolution 640x480x16
- Windows 10
I have improved till 1:22 result later but unfortunately I couldn't write down this result on video, therefore I have only a screenshot.
Sorry for bad english... :D
Edited by KILLER_Cop_Killer
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  • 4 weeks later...

SF to LV New Record (2:27)

Game Version: 1.1
Draw Distance: 0/16
Frame Limiter: Off
Visual Efects: Low
Anti aliasing: Off
Mip Mapping: Off


Edited by N3ar
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  • 2 months later...

Hello everyone! First of all sorry for bad English) I am new here, do not even know how to send private messages :(. I read the whole topic but still have some questions. I will be glad to your answers.

I set new world record in burglar mission (largest burglary swag), but i use Widescreen HOR+ Support (http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25380), because playing 4:3 on widescreen monitor is very uncomfortable. Default game supports 1280x720, but the colors looks bad (too bright and pale).

Widescreen HOR+ Support is the only mod that i used. Of course no cheats, hacks, or something like this.

Can you add my result as world record

(for example -

Largest Burglary Swag:

1. 67280 Kauc G4
2. 64980 lol232
3. 62720 fnxrak

or I have to beat the current record (64980 lol232) without Widescreen HOR+ Support?

Just in case: I do not want to be displayed as "yt record". By the way, why these "yt records" are indicated separately?

Sincerely yours

Kauc G4

Edited by Kauc G4
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I see that some people are submitting races done with Frame Limiter Off. Are these runs going to be accepted? I am asking this because turning off the limiter, would allow PC players to play at a higher FPS, giving them an unfair advantage over PS2, Xbox or other platforms players (it greatly affects the vehicle performance using higher or lower FPS). So to be consistent with other platforms, I guess the fair would be using Frame Limiter On (25 FPS).

Edited by rhans
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 months later...

Quarry - 12:00:

Barnstorming - 4:36:


Furthest hoop - 35,20m :


Vigilante - Level 1841 :


Wheelie - 4092 seconds and 275766ft distance:


Destroy targets - 42 seconds:


Destroy targests 100% - 49 seconds:


2838 rotation:


8 flips:


73ft height:


1090ft distance:


Cobra run - 1:17

Birdseye winder - 2:40:

Scotch Bonnet Yellow - 2:29:

Burglary - 58 items ($67280)

Dam Rider - 1:48:

Desert tricks - 1:57:

Lowrider Bet and Dance - 17800:

SF Fastlane - 1:36:

BMX challenge - 0:38:

Monster - 3:50:

Kickstart 61 points:

Beat the cock (Santa Maria) - 5:07:

Beat the cock (Fisher`s Lagoon) - 10:48

NRG challenge - 0:52:

Stoppie - 88279 seconds and 47109ft distance (food menu trick):

Badlands B - 2:16:

Lowrider race - 1:01:

Duality black - 15999 points:

Duality white - 25018 points:

Go Go space monkey - 2805700 points:

They crawled from Uranus - 17295560 points:

Lets get ready to bumble - 107202 points:

Dancing minigame - 9060 points:

Edited by rhans
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  • 1 month later...

It doesn't look like it, so feel free to set one. I'd love to see an overhaul and a general tidy up of this topic with some new records to set.

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don't forget to use a food menu to keep you from starving and making your Taxi fully immune. ^^


Pick one of the videos on the food menu from here: http://www.speedrun.com/post/qadcg


The other thing is called AP conversion.

I don't think I'll attempt it, but even if I did I wouldn't want to use glitches. It ruins the whole point of holding a record :).

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On the contrary :D they make it more interesting and challenging - for the most part. * Well, glitching to the final mission is too much but that is what extra categories are for.^^

* but annoying in this case, freaking box. :D


There is not much behind it, then. Fill up health, fat, muscle and save right before starting the mission. To maximize the time before starving and the starving time CJ survives. Duh. :D

Edited by Patrick1994
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Started by shrouwehkuggah, May 28 2010 04:05 AM Has not taken an interest in the topic since October last year, Time for a New Leader.

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