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GTA:SA Crazy Trainer 2.3 +350


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Yeah, around 3 years ago, i went to Crazy Virus official web page (now down) to see the download list and I saw this trainer (GTA:SA Crazy Trainer 2.3 +350), but then i see that it wasn´t free! Anyways i downloaded it, but, of course, the .rar archive had a password, that would be given to you if you pay...

Then, the webpage dissapeared, and Crazy Virus also disappeared, and his trainer also dissapeared from the internet, and nobody seemed to have any idea of which was that trainer...

I was weeks trying to "crack" it with lots of programs, thinking "wow, this has double cheats than 2.0 (+151)..."

And now, i thought it was the time to share this on the internet, and wait what happens....

Of course, i haven´t open the rar (because of the password), so I dont know which archives are inside, i dont know even if this is a real trainer, anyway, i'm gonna post it here, i've been years wondering what is inside that rar...


Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EP13H36I


If anybody cracks it, i would like some credit... so the people know i recover it when it dissapeared...

Edited by EddyMataGallos
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  • 8 months later...

Damn i would really need a trainer like that... So many features...


EDIT: I found the totally latest version from his official website... Its v2.41!

Edited by Teo265
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  • 1 year later...
Damn i would really need a trainer like that... So many features...


EDIT: I found the totally latest version from his official website... Its v2.41!

where is his official website? i want this trainer!

(sorry for the bump)

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  • 1 year later...

Sorry, I going to bump an old thread, but I actually found where people can download CrazyTrainer +350 discussed here if someone want to get it:


Crazy Trainer +350 v2.41 (SA-MP)


But warning: seems on this trainer version there are a several bugs:

1. The Vehicle Spawner options doesn't work most of the time (while on +113 and +151 versions of CrazyTrainer they are always worked). However, if someone want to use a car spawner along with CrazyTrainer +350, then can use this CLEO mod Car Spawner By Fastman92;

2. While customize hotkeys, there is no way to assign PageUp key on any hotkeys, because when try to use it on any hotkey, trainer changes PageUp with Up arrow key. All other keys, including Home, End, Delete, Insert and PageDown works as well;

3. Weather options doesn't seems to work well. After activating any of them, after while game goes back to the previous weather before activating chosen one via CrazyTrainer.


However, CrazyTrainer have a lots of features that wasn't available in previous versions, including a lots of mission features. Some of cool new toogling options are: Toggle Thermal/Night Vision, Toggle Fast Run (this makes CJ run almost with same speed as vehicles on highways), Toggle Everyone Ignore You, Toggle Radar / Toggle Hud, Toggle Infinite Height of Rise with Jetpack.

Edited by 65536
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