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Msvcr100.dll could not be found


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Hi I installed LCPDFR . THere were an Autorun but it said something with couldnt install because soemthing with a host name ? THen I installed an another version from the website it was an manual installation. I wanted to try that but but then when I started gta 4 it said Msvcr100.dll could not be found so application could not be started. What is Mscvcr100.dll ? And I dindt deleted anything please help ! suicidal.gif

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This dll is most likely just missing on your PC.

Download it here: CLICK

Unrar it in C:\Windows\System32 icon14.gif

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Thanks for your post, it worked but now gta 4 stopped working ... But thanks anyway


@edit : At Slayer (IMPORTANT:I'm sorry for an another language but I cant describe my problem in English. But I noticed that the User is german, just like me so I can describe my problem in german. Please dont delete it I need really help !)




Als ich dann Gta 4 öffnen wollte kam da eine Meldung unten rechts "Gta 4 wurde geschlossen" hab ich mal draufgeklickt und dann kam da irgendwas mit Datenausführungsverhinderung, dort wurde dann beschrieben wie ich EXE Dateien ehmm irgendwie ... ausführen kann oder so *rolleyes* dann wenn ich das Programm aus der Liste auswähle steht da "Dieses Programm muss mit aktivierter Datenausführungsverhinderung ausgeführt werden. Sie können die Datenausführungsverhinderung für dieses Programm nicht ausschalten" *wtf* Und was soll das bitte heißen ? Hast du irgendeine ahnung ? Danke.

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I had the same problem. I added the .dll I downloaded and it worked great. Can't see how yours isn't working.

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I have the same problem .

I have reinstalled and replace the file but still it doesn't work...

I use several mods: Xlive less, script hook etc.. for me it fix the game and run better but here i have that massage and can't save..

Out of ideas and have not seen any solution for it.




PROBLEM FIXED! - i have just put that file in GTA directory and it worked ... pretty strange though...


---------------------------------------------------- mercie_blink.gif

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I am having the same problem. You said you reinstalled it. Is it the game or the lcpdfr mod? i love this mod, and just wanted to update it. I have too many mods to reinstall the game.



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So...I'm running the Save Editor through my VMware version of Windows 7 on my Macbook. I've made sure I'm up to date on Service Packs, Frameworks, & everything else that matters. I'm still getting this "msvcr100.dll" error when trying to load my saves & I'm to the point now where I don't even want to try anymore. Can someone please for the love of christ help me out here? Thanks in advance.

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