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Xbox 360 LIVE problems...


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Howdy. I'm trying to help my friend with getting his Xbox online but we're having some problems!


Okay, so, he doesn't have a wireless adapter for the Xbox, so we're trying to use internet connection sharing by connecting the Xbox to his laptop with a ethernet cable.


This is where the problem starts, 'cause when we try to enable ICS on his wireless connection we get the message "an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled". I looked around Google, and there's a lot of suggestions involving enabling certain services in services.msc. We tried this, but no luck sad.gif.


Another suggestion I found involved changing the Router's IP address from to something else. I tried this too, but still we get the error message.


I then thought I'd try it with my laptop, just to see if it works (it does at my home), however, while ICS is enabled, nothing happens when I connect it to the Xbox.


So, out of ideas, we just tried a few other random things on his laptop to see if it'd work; bridging lan+wireless connections, messing around in router settings, disabling Windows firewall. Nothing.


Really not sure what's wrong here, is anyone able to help at all? Thanks!



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Don't use ICS. It gives NAT problems. Select both the Ethernet and Wireless connections, Right Click, and select Bridge Connections

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We had tried bridging connections on both mine and his laptops with no success. Although, weirdly enough, it started randomly working with ICS on my laptop. We've yet to get ICS working on his one though. Still the same error message sad.gif.


Oh yes, when I bridge connections on his laptop, he can't access the internet anymore. On mine I can, but still no Xbox Live.

Edited by Quiteso
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I only think the only way to do it would be with the wireless adapter. I remember hearing somewhere that trying to bridge it will just cause problems as the 360 was never built for that.

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I call bullsh*t on that. I have been using a bridged connection for the past 2 years with my xbox, and haven't had a single problem. My NAT type has not dropped below Open (The best possible, as it allows you to connect to the most online matches)

Edited by james227uk
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Yeah, and like I mention, ICS has worked with my laptop/xbox tounge.gif.


I just feel that £40ish for a Xbox wireless adapter is... well, far too much.


But anywho, anyone have any ideas what to do to resolve the ICS error message?

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