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Cop getting in your car!

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Yeah I checked this glitch and it works in all GTA IV series. First you need a cop car(FIB Buffalo, NOOSE cruisers or normal cruisers, wont work with NOOSE van). Steal a police car and evade. Then, make a cop arrest someone (like punch their cars and wait them till punch you and wait until the cops arrests him/her). Then, move your police car near to the area that the person has been arrested and get out of the car. Wait for the felon to get in the car. The cop will move to sit the drivers seat, but you can sit before he does. Then after you sit in the drivers seat, the cop will move and sit on the right front seat. You will get a one star wanted level but you can evade normally and the cop will still be in there. Keep in mind that if you stop the car he will get out and say something like: "You want me to use this?" or "I'm gonna sh*t in your mouth!" or....


(the pictures are frames of a video so they are not so good quality, I can't post the video because of low-bandwidth)



user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Edited by gtapcgamer
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Yeah, I remember doing this a few weeks back. I don't know why you get a wanted level when they get in the car. I guess it takes them that long to realize you aren't a cop?

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  • 1 year later...

Funny !


I've had something similar happen to me twice.


Playing TBOGT free mode.


A cop pulls me off my motorcycle (like you would do to take it from someone), then says " This is a police emergency. I'm commandeering this vehicle".


Then he proceeds to get on and try to ride away !


Yea, right, I don't think so sly.gif !


But I get no stars when I pull him back off.

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I did this myself a while ago, got a homeless guy arrested and when I was driving around with the police officer riding in the passenger side seat the homeless guy was screaming about how he "doesn't feel good" and how he feels like he is "going to throw up." biggrin.gif

In the end I stopped the car at the top of that really high ledge in Rotterdam Hill and the homeless guy and the police officer both fell to their deaths.

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