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The theme song for your life


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For a few years, I was always captured by old folk and gospel songs, speaking on the transient nature of the soul and the way we're all going through our trials before finally passing on (plus my grandparents were old-fashioned Appalachian Baptists, so that probably rubbed off on me). In that time, I usually kept pieces like Lonesome ValleyThis World Is Not My Home, and Will The Circle Be Unbroken in mind for this kind of thing. At some point, though, I know I shifted towards a less mortal, more experience-seeking attitude, no doubt influenced by my absorption of hopeful coming-of-age media (I watched Kiki's Delivery Service about a million times, and listened to the dub's music even more). Nowadays I usually think of Beautiful World from the 2003 Kino no Tabi anime adaptation as a good "life theme", with the idea of following the ongoing journey and finding whatever's out there held strong.



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Doctor who theme by David Arnold

fun fact about myself, I was listening to the Dark eyes audios for a week and the theme tune on YouTube every morning and night before I got captured by my family and the psychosis team and sent to a psychiatric ward. I was arming myself with knives and air rifles prepared for the final stand off with the gangstalkers and the mental health department by telling my therapist through text what I was about to do, he called my mum and my mum blocked the door to my bedroom with the pellet guns and my Occupational therapist walked through the door and had me sit down and talk to me while my family search my room for weapons and my OC explained the police might need to be involved to take me to the psych ward after an emergency evaluation by 2 psychiatrists and a social worker.

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