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Windows 7 Issue



Hi guys, trying to run GTA 3 in Windows 7, when I try to run the game it opens up in a window in top left of screen and then minimizes to taskbar after about a second, I can click on it and it opens up again only to disappear. I have deleted the GTA 3 User file folders, tried running it in Windows 98 compatibility mode and patched it to 1.1. Machine it's running on is a 1.8GHz 64 bit Dual Core with 4Gb Ram.


Any ideas?



Edited by spillagios

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5 answers to this question

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First, what is your Video card? and what is the VRAM? Next, get rid of the 1.1 patch and the compatibilty mode-III plays great on Windows 7 WITHOUT the need for Compatibilty modes OR the 1.1 Patch-the patch was intended for older PC's the had older Video cards with older drivers(the problems that the patch fixes were automatically fixed with the releases of new drivers for the video cards)-if memory serves me right. I play III on a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor, 3GB Ram, and an Nvidia 8200 video card w/1407MB vram, and the game runs at a steady 30fps with the Frame Limiter ON. No bugs or anything.


Also, make sure your drivers are up to date for your Video card, Sound card, DX, etc. and make sure to delete the .set after any changes you make-ie. driver updates, removing comptibilty mode, and removing the patch.


You can find your Video card info. by going to Start, type in DXDIAG in the Search box and press Enter, then click on the Display tab, and that will tell you everything you need to know about your Video Card.

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Actually I had this problem before. I have the latest drivers for.. everything on my PC and legal game but it still did this. Actually it worked and one day.. stopped working. And it got fixed when I reinstalled my Windows 7. I know that even the compatibility mode change doesn't work for this.

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El Jarretto

I have this same problem on my new windows 7 laptop I bought Thursday. Really pissing me off, but I don't feel like reinstalling windows.

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I have gotten same problems but found a few things that can help you guys load it. first off I NEEDED TO RUN IT IN COMPATIBILITY MODE, would not load on Win7 professional without XP SP3 do not run it on 98 at all it will just minimize and u can't click it back up at all. Run as admin and when the game loads and start to minimize brute click the damn thing till the menu comes up. Diff versions of windows 7 react funny to the game which comes as no surprise to me. some people I talked to had to remove the video with a fan based empty video patch and brute click to bypass their Rockstar logo error. Right now the game works perfect with no errors and is real smooth oh and it's 1.1 just for the fun of it. one more thing I almost forgot to mention I had to fix the data execution prevention to add gta3.exe Edited by Goukieny

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try to update your Windows 7 from the windows update function if you haven't done it for a long time. Fixes for Windows 7 appear really often for update. Now I don't have any problem with the game.

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