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GTA Mapmaking

Recommended Posts



My Map Idea V 0.1. HUNTCOUNTRY

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Hey guys, just me back with another update. I'm sorry for the delay, its been a crazy week, lots to talk about this time around. I've gotten to the point on the VC map that I sort of consider it done, if that's possible to say(as you can always add more to a map). As always anything you guys have to say is appreciated, now lets get into it.


  • Finished the region west of Osceola, complete with Auntie Mabel's Citrus Farm, home to the best oranges in all of South Florida. 
  • Expanded the area between Osceola and Kisoffme a bit, just to add more of a metro feel to the area.
  • Finished the city north of Osceola, added several landmarks there, including the Donald Love Memorial Coliseum, Redwood Cigarette Factory and the prestigious Central Florida State Penitentiary.
  • Completed the western region, this one I had to do some thinking on to come up with an idea for what to put out here. Ended up with the Cypress Creek State Wetlands, a nice place perfect for dumping bodies along with the Cypress Point Golf Course, a place where plaid is back in style and old people always seem to die.
  • Added loads of little things here and there, probably could've added even more but ehh.... all's well. 




Now, for all those people who've been following me on this ride I've got a few extra's for you. 

Number one is a couple different color schemes and filters for the map, tell me which one you like best.






Number two is a little added realism to the map.




Now that same map with some filters






That's it folk's, making this map has been so much fun and you guy's motivation helped me amazingly. Now onto my next project, the New Orleans/Saint Roche map.

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Here's my work in progress map of the entire USA with Renderware era cities.

It's mainly the east and west coasts so far, but it's getting there!

I'm making this in GIMP. Originally everything was on one layer, now I'm shifting things into separate layers (Land, Road, Rail which I haven't even started with yet, etc.)

So far I've got the land of Vice City and some of its roads converted over to my new design, LC is next but right now I'm more interested in adding more cities. Like Atlantic City, aka, Donald Love™ Casino & Resort.


Oh dear god what have I gotten myself into?

Edited by DigBuild

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Overlord gangsta 89

Hello everyone! As you may notice, I'm new here. I love GTA and been playing it since my childhood (mostly GTA 2, Vice City, San Andreas and IV) but what really attracted me to this forum is this particular topic. I've ran through all the pages and saw some really brilliant maps. It is what inspired me to try to create one of my own maps. And I've already started with it. Well, I started working on it long ago and then forgot about it in the process, but yesterday I was just sorting some of my images on my PC and found that map I was making. I even updated it a bit by adding some new roads.

Ass you may see from the image, there's still a lot work to do on it. What I managed so far is to determine the shape and partially place some of more important roads and even started working on road network on one of bigger cities on map.

Now my plan for the map to have is at least 4 if not 6 major metropolitan cities and about dozen if not more smaller towns and villages. There will be also lots of countryside. You can also notice some already placed rivers and lakes. A terrain on map will range from plains, to deserts, mountains, tropical forest and even to arctic areas. It won't be a map based on any real area, but entirely fictional map of my own. That way it gives me more freedom to do what I want with it. Hopefully you'll like it and any advises are welcome, especially maybe for a name of map/region and cities/towns/villages.


Btw be warned, the image is extremely huge!





Edited by Overlord gangsta 89

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