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City of Lies (Possible GTA IV spoiler)

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Mokrie Dela

Chapter Twenty Six – The Battle for Liberty City: Part II..


Johnny had followed his target to what was evidently a staging area.

“Kill them all. No time for subtly.” Karen had said.


“Get as many brothers as you can.” Johnny said to Clay. “Enough for a huge raid. We’re at war, brother, with our own damned country.” Johnny then told Clay his plan.

Clay thought Johnny was joking at first, but the tone of his voice, the urgency, that told him otherwise.

“Get the biggest weapons you have. We’ve got some bad people to take down.”

“We’ll see you in a minute.” Clay hung up.


Clay turned up with about ten or so bikers. All armed. Apparently it had been a struggle to stop Angus coming along. That’s all he needed, Johnny said to himself, for Angus, full of some patriotic pride, to get himself killed.

“You ready?” Johnny called. The men replied positively.

Johnny led them into the building.


Johnny was not ready for the chaos that ensued. No words could do it justice.

Thirteen men raided the building (the ten plus Johnny, Clay and Terry) – in it were half a dozen men and women in suits, sitting around a conference table. There were also about fifteen PMC soldiers.


The noise was deafening and, within five minutes the air was so thick with gun smoke – and smoke from grenades – that it was almost impossible to see. The building was also in danger of severe structural damage – Johnny worried that it’d fall on them all.


But, fifteen minutes later they’d taken down all the bad guys. Johnny, absolutely drenched with sweat and liquid from the building’s sprinkler system (which had given up early on in the gun fight), turned to Clay. Both men had sustained damage, and Terry could hardly walk.

The look on Terry's face was half physical pain, have emotional; They had lost seven men, but surprise had been in their favor.


And even better then that? They had one of them alive.


Karen and her contact spoke to the survivor. Her contact – a well built man with dark hair - did most of the interrogation. From what Johnny saw, he did not, in any way, envy the recipient of the man’s questioning.

“Who the hell is that?” Johnny asked Karen.

“Former Navy Seal, and DIA infiltrator. He’s now a mercenary. He’s my link to Iosef - that Russian who took the guns. They worked together years ago. He also knew my former boss well.”

“I don’t want to f*ck with him.”

Karen shook her head. “He’s been doing some of the hits I couldn’t get you three to do. He’s a master at stealth, an expert shooter and a very skilled martial arist."

“So he’s Judd Parker?!”

“Not quite… But sort of. Name’s Marc, not that I should be telling you that.”

Johnny shook his head. I bet that's not even his real name.

Marc appeared. He was done interrogating the man – who now lay unconscious. The man hadn't even broke a sweat and looked as calm as a Buddhist monk.

Then Niko, as per Karen’s orders, appeared.

“We’re not done yet.” He told Johnny.

Of course not, the biker thought.


There was three more left. Johnny, Karen and her mysterious friend had found out from one of the bad guys how many were in City Hall. The man didn’t, however, know where all of them were.


Luis found one, identical to the others. There was a flat panel on the side which Luis knocked accidentally.

It opened and he took a second to realize what he was looking at.

A countdown timer.


0 0 : 0 1 : 0 6



0 0 : 0 1 : 0 5



0 0 : 0 1 : 0 4


Luis cursed and told Karen what he saw.

“Get out of there now.”


Luis ran at the exit door and jumped shoulder first into it. The door refused to open and he bounced off, pain shooting up his shoulder and landed on his back.

What the hell!?


Luis sighed and looked at the window – jump out there and run.

Run where though, he asked himself. The bomb could be out there for all he knew.

Then he remembered. He shook his head and turned back.


Even from Purgatory they heard the explosion. It was feint, but they heard it.

“What the f*ck did they make those out of?” Johnny asked.

Niko shrugged. “A sh*t-load of C4? Something bigger we don’t know about? I don’t know.”

“Sh*t… Luis…”

Niko shook his head. “Let’s hope he got out.”

“What if he didn’t?”

“Then Let’s hope Karen’s got a plan ‘B’.”




* * * * *



Luis fell onto the tracks, jarring his shoulder as he did so.

A noise sounded from behind him and at first Luis thought it was an echo of the explosion but it wasn’t. He looked behind.




Luis rolled to his side and avoided the train by inches. He had to grab onto the other track to prevent him from being sucked under. He prayed there wasn’t one coming the other way.


There wasn’t. He stood and saw the Hakuchous. Two of them were trashed – hit by a train probably. He grabbed the remaining one and accelerated up the tunnel.


It took him a minute to notice the fuel meter dropping fast. In about ten seconds he was going to run out of fuel.

He looked down to see the tear in the gas tank.


Luis saw the train ahead as he was catching up to it.

He stared at it.


Could he really?


F*ck it, why not?


Luis squeezed every last drop out of the tank and pulled level with the train. The bike began slowing, the fuel gauge empty. He looked ahead and saw another train coming.

What bad luck.

Luis took a deep breath and jumped, pulling himself in between the carriages. The bike toppled and fell. A second later the oncoming train hit it. The bike didn’t explode though, it just shattered like a glass beaker.


Luis hurried into the train.


“We can’t wait any longer.” Johnny said. Niko nodded.


Luis phoned Johnny’s phone. “It’s Luis, bro!”


“He’s alive!” Johnny said to Niko.


“Hell yes I am. I’m on my way. I’ll be with you in a minute.”


Johnny frowned. “Wait a minute. Are you riding a train?”


“No… I’m f*cking driving one.” Luis looked down at the throttle control – at max. The passengers were screaming and Luis’s .44 was enough to keep the driver from stopping him. “See you in five.”


Johnny put his phone in his pocket. “He’s stolen a train.”

Niko almost choked.


Luis slammed on the brakes and the train dramatically slowed. He could feel the carriage rock as it fought for control.

“We aint gonna stop in time, you crazy b*stard!” The drive shouted. He turned to the passengers. “Get to the back of the train.”


Luis wasn’t stupid. He ran with them.

The train had slowed but it also derailed. The carriage scraped against the wall, then bounced back and mounted the platform. Fortunately it had slowed enough that it hit the first pillar and stopped.


Johnny spoke to Clay. “I know it’s a lot to ask, but get every last brother you can. Call in whatever favor, I don’t care. Get every last motherf*cking member of The Lost over to Columbus Avenue.”

“F*ck, Johnny, this is some crazy sh*t going on.”

“You’re telling me!”

“Ok man, I’ll get everyone. I think I can do one better too.” Johnny heard Clay call the President of the ‘New’ Alderney chapter. “See you soon, Johnny-boy. Brothers for life.”

“Lost forever.” Johnny hung up


Luis picked himself off the floor and, covered in dust, ran for the exit, ignoring the pain and the limp in his leg.


When he reached the helipad, he looked like he had been in a war. He’d stolen a car – a Rhapsody – and power-slid into the wall, barely even bothering to break.

“Are you sure you can still fly?” Niko, wearing the combat gear, asked.

“Enough bro, I’m alright.”

Johnny handed Luis his gear.

“We all good to go?” Luis asked putting on his combat gear


The three men boarded the Golden Buzzard.

Edited by Mokrie Dela
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Mokrie Dela

Chapter Twenty Seven – The Battle for Liberty City: Part III..


Nothing prepared the men for what was on the ground.

Sveti majka od Bog.” Niko whispered.

Luis also muttered a profanity.


Below them, outside the building that Niko had met the ULPC guy was the most surreal sight he had ever seen.


Three Rhinos sat in the middle of the road – which had been a construction site when Niko had met the mysterious spook. There were perhaps fifty plus soldiers that looked like ants on the floor, and two Hunters appeared in the sky.

Not only was there this small piece of rata in the middle of the city, but coming from the south were not far short of a hundred bikers.

But also, coming from the north was well over a hundred bikers. Johnny frowned.

“Son of a bitch!” He breathed. Niko looked at him. “Motherf*cker teamed up with the A.O.D!” He could just make out the gang’s colors. They certainly weren’t The Lost.


Then all hell broke loose. The bikers all began shooting and running. The soldiers returned fire.


There was a terrific BOOM! as one of the Rhinos fired. Luis increased the helicopter’s height.


Then a Hunter approached.


“You ready?” Luis called out.


Niko and Johnny nodded.


Luis guided the helicopter up until he was well above the Hunters. They maneuvered to follow.


Once the attack helicopters caught up, Luis sent the Buzzard into a sideways dive until they were underneath the Hunters.

“Go!” He shouted.

Niko nodded and jumped out.

Johnny followed, shouting something as he did so.

Luis pushed the helicopter forward, appearing in the Hunter’s sights before they turned round. He darted to their side, making them chase before they could get a lock on him.


Luis decreased height and flew round the side of a building. As soon as he was hidden from the Hunters he rose.


The first Hunter rounded the corner sideways, but Luis was almost above it.

Luis put the Buzzard into a dive, heading straight for the Hunter. He opened up with the guns, drilling a couple dozen rounds into the enemy helicopter. Luis threw the helicopter into a quick sideway lean and dodge the Hunter at the last second.



Johnny was terrified. He could see the bikers below, the gunfire and the tanks. Niko was ahead of him, a few feet below.

Niko’s parachute opened and the Serb began drifting toward the roof. Johnny scrambled for, and pulled his chord.


He’d never felt anything quite like it. The sense of relief was almost orgasmic. As he began drifting gently toward the building, he realized why people did this for fun.



Niko landed on the roof, and rolled to help break the fall.

Johnny didn’t think to roll, and he simply fell on his ass. Thankfully though, Niko didn’t see it.

Niko shrugged his parachute off and immediately drew his gun – an F2000 variant. He had already begun to clear the roof before his parachute even touched it.



Johnny struggled to get loose of his parachute but did so to see Niko looking at him. Niko extended his arm.

The biker grabbed the Serb’s hand and pulled himself up. He looked up and saw, off in the distance, Luis fighting the two helicopters.

“Sh*t.” Johnny breathed. “You think he’ll win?”

Niko shrugged.

Johnny pulled his gun out – the same as Niko’s. Then a loud, punching Boom! sounded. The men looked up to see a Hunter in flames, a streak of steam/smoke joining the two helicopters.

“I think he’ll be ok.” Niko said, turning to Johnny. “You ok?”

Johnny nodded and gripped his gun emphatically. Niko offered a single, sharp military-style nod then stepped toward the door.



Luis arched back round until he was flying head on toward the second Hunter. He opened up with the machine guns, sending a stream of rounds into the front of the Hunter. There was a sudden splodge of red from inside the cockpit, and the Hunter began to spin. Luis backed off.



Johnny thought briefly of Michael before following Niko in through the door. Niko also quickly thought of Roman before focusing his mind on the matter at hand.



Luis had turned his attention to the Tanks. One of them was tearing the AOD apart. About half of them had already fallen. The rest of the bikers had sought cover, and were moving quickly enough to avoid the tank. Either way, no one down there had much time.

Luis fired one of the missiles at the tank, which managed to take two hits – one direct and one inches away – before the third destroyed it.

The other Rhino fired, the cannon missing the Buzzard by no more then a few feet.

Luis dove toward the tank, tapping the missile trigger three times. Then he pulled up.

There were four explosions. One from each of the missiles, the forth being the tank itself.


Now the bikers began to move in. The soldiers began to close ranks.


Niko led Johnny down the stairs and cleared the hallway.

“All set?”

Johnny nodded, extending his hand. “Good luck, Niko.”

Niko smiled wearily. “It’s been… an experience.”

Johnny chuckled. “I’m glad we’re on the same side... eventually.”

Niko smiled then disappeared down the hallway.



This guy must be panicking, Luis thought. Below, and in the air, was the man’s last defense. His plan had failed – the mayor, along with most of his office – was still alive. The man had to know that they’d be coming for him. Luis found a group of soldiers and threw the Buzzard into another dive, the machine gun bullets leading.

The men fell.



Whoever this ‘bad guy’ was certainly had his defenses set up. Karen had warned that he’d sent for a chopper to pick him up; he was fleeing the country, his king tipped over.

Niko fired his gun, taking down two of the men in the hall. He moved forward and saw a group of four. They turned to him.


Niko fumbled with the gun as they opened fire. He pulled the secondary trigger.

The grenade hit the floor just in front of the men. Half a second later the hall filled with dark smoke.

The men began coughing as Niko took cover. He reached up and grabbed the ace up his sleeve – thermal goggles. He put them on and saw the purple/red figure of the men. The smoke wasn’t fatal. They‘d cough a little, the smoke would irritate your throat, rendering you useless for a minute.

Niko fired, taking all four men down.

He carried on, holding his breath as he walked through the smoke, stepping over their glowing bodies.



Luis’s Buzzard hovered, facing two of its brothers.

The first of the enemy Buzzards fired, and Luis heard the ‘incoming missile’ alarm. He took evasive action, and the missile missed. He leveled out and the alarm sounded again.

They’d fired again?

Luis looked around and saw that the first missile was back on the trail again.


Luis threw the Buzzard in a desperate dive, and the missile followed.


Below some of the AOD – or The Lost, Luis didn’t know – scampered.


Luis’s Buzzard kept up the dive and, at the last second, pulled up. The missile didn’t quite make it, and exploded on the ground.

The Buzzard took some damage from the explosion, but not enough to worry Luis.

What did worry him though, was the second Heat-Seeking missile that was fired.



Niko felt the gun on the back of his head.

“Drop it.” A voice ordered. Niko dropped his gun and the man began to circle him.

“Niko Bellic.” The voice said. “We know who you are. The question is, do you want your cousin’s wife to live?”


“We know who she is. Why shouldn’t I send my team to her right now. Let her watch her child die?”

Niko lost it and lunged. The man fired, hitting Niko in the leg.

Niko ignored the pain and pulled his knife.

He stabbed the man through the left eye.

“Nobody…” Niko breathed, malice and anger dripping off of his voice. “Nobody f*cks with my family.”

Niko picked up his gun and ran on, grabbing his phone. Karen had to get Mallorie to safety



Luis spun the helicopter round and the missile followed. He charged, head on to the enemy Buzzard.


A second before impact, he threw everything into slowing the Buzzard down and climbing in height. The lurch was a shock and the missile overshot, missing Luis by mere feet.


The missile locked onto the only other heat signature, and ploughed right in to the Buzzard.


Luis turned and fired on the last helicopter.



Johnny watched the hallway, resisting the urge to rush down to help Niko. Outside, he could hear explosions that rocked the entire building as Luis battled in the sky. The city was at war with itself, it seemed, and it tore him up to know his brothers were down there, getting torn apart.

If only Michael had been posted somewhere else that day…


He missed him.



Luis blinked at what Karen had told him. She was joking right? How the hell could he take them down?

“You can’t fight them, Luis. Bail.”

Karen ended the call.

Luis turned the helicopter round and saw she was telling the truth.

Two Hydras were roaring toward him. Fast. He judged that they were probably somewhere over Dukes Bay, rapidly approaching Charge Island.

There was a pair of flashes from each jet.



Niko was trying to work out who the man he’d just killed was. He shrugged. Could have been some captain under the ‘guy’s’ command. Who else could it be?

Niko shook his head, reloaded his gun and moved forward. Thankfully Karen had already thought ahead and arranged for Mallorie to be taken to a secure locality.



Luis dove, head first, out of the Buzzard as the four missiles tore through the air.

The missiles ploughed into the Buzzard as Luis fell down. The Buzzard exploded, sending shrapnel down toward the battlefield below.


Luis pulled the ripcord as another buzzard appeared, firing a stream of bullets toward Luis.

Luis didn’t want to join the carnage on the street, so he drew his .44 and arched the parachute toward the building.

One of the Buzzard’s rounds tore a hole in his parachute. Luis’s descent suddenly became a whole lot quicker.


Luis fired several times and guided his crippled parachute toward the window. He threw his body backward, then forward, and cut this ‘chute free.

The bullets smashed the window, and he flailed though it landing face-down on the floor.


Niko’s cell rang. Luis.

“I’m in the building, bro.”

Niko nodded – he saw the golden Buzzard explode, followed by another helicopter exploding. “I think I saw.”

“Yeah. The military’s sat up and took notice.”

“Karen must have spoken to them.”

“I guess that attorney had enough evidence.”

Niko nodded to himself. “Work your way up.”

“Cool, bro. I’ll see you in a minute.”


Niko nodded and turned into a hallway.


The two men had worked their way to the appropriate floor. Now they stood at opposite ends of the hallway. The guards that the man – Niko really wanted to know who he was – had posted these as his ‘last guard’ stared at them.

Niko nodded down the hallway at Luis. The men noticed this and opened fire.

Niko and Luis both filled the hallway with smoke. Luis kept his gun trained on the smoke, waiting for anyone to appear, ready to take them down.

Someone did appear – falling over, dead. A minute later Niko appeared, his gun held above his head.

Luis stood and nodded.


There was a loud crash and a man appeared, running through the smoke.

Niko looked at Luis.

They took chase.


The helicopter was on its way. Luis wondered how they’d avoid getting shot by the air force. The man was fleeing up toward the roof.


Niko shot Luis a glance.


Luis nodded midstride.


Edited by Mokrie Dela
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Mokrie Dela

Chapter Twenty Eight – For Michael....


Niko and Luis rounded the corner to see the man at the other end of the hall holding a grenade launcher.

He immediately fired.


Niko and Luis turned for cover but there was none. They ducked and the grenade bounced into an open office.

Lucky, Luis said to himself.

Niko had ran and dived toward the elevator. He slapped the call button as the man fired again.


Luis, lying on the floor in the hallway, saw the grenade speed toward him. This wasn’t good.


Then suddenly he had a realization. It was a grenade. The last one bounced into the office.


Luis scrambled to his knees and grabbed his gun by the muzzle. He swung the gun out like a baseball bat.


Niko watched Luis bat the grenade back toward the man. Nicely done, he said to himself. Then he called Luis, and the elevator opened.


Luis ran toward the elevator as the grenade exploded. He slid in and looked back, seeing the man come out of an office.



The man fired again, but the elevator doors closed.


They heard the grenade hit the door and bounce back.

Niko pushed the door open button, and the doors reluctantly opened.


The man shouted something and fired yet again.

The grenade missed the opening and exploded outside of the elevators. Niko heard a ping as another elevator opened. Somehow the explosion had opened one of the doors – must have fried some of the circuitry, he thought.

The man shouted again and another grenade came at them. Once again, it hit the wall and bounced. Niko saw it dart to the side – toward the open elevator shaft.


The explosion rocked the elevator and Niko fired back, showering the man’s position in bullets. The man fled.


Niko heard one of the cables snap. The elevator dropped a foot or so, and lurched to the side.

Niko was already climbing out as the elevator dropped again. He turned and threw his hand out for Luis to climb up to. Luis extended his hand as another cable snapped with an unnatural twang.


Niko jumped back as the elevator dropped a floor or two. Had he left his arm there, he would have lost his hand.

He crawled to the edge and looked down. The elevator hung there for a moment then the last cable gave way.

The elevator dropped, with nothing now to support it. Niko watched as it faded out of sight.


Then there came a loud metallic crash that jolted Niko as the elevator hit the shaft’s pit a dozen floors below.

Niko shook his head and grabbed his gun.

“Time to flush this rat.”


Niko caught up with the man who now stood by the roof access, a gun pointed at Johnny.


He looked at Niko.

“Niko Bellic.” He shook his head.

“It’s over.” Niko said.

“Perhaps.” The man scoffed. “But not quite.”

“Everyone knows.” Johnny added. “All to control the city.” He shook his head.

“Irrelevant.” The man looked at Niko.

“Who are you?” Niko asked.

“Oh please.” The man scoffed. “You don’t know me. Not everything is connected, Niko. What, were you expecting me to be someone you knew? The world’s bigger then a few criminals you know.”

“Either way, what goes around…”

The man sighed, almost a laugh. “I’d love to stay and chat, but if you don’t mind, I have a helicopter to catch. It’s a shame I couldn’t have you on my team. But then I suppose I had the best one of you – that woman.” He looks around. “Know this: She is not to be trusted. But then you know all about that don’t you Niko?”

Niko’s jaw clenched and the man carried on. “What? You believe her every word? She has you running around killing my men and you don’t question it? Especially after–”

“I don’t care. You sent those men to my home, to kill me, and you expect me to roll over and accept it? Your actions all have consequences.”

“Lesson number one.” Johnny said. “Remember Michael?”

The man scoffed. “Oh, the goody-two-shoes. Man couldn’t understand the concept of a threat.”

“So you just exterminated him, like a rodent?”

The man shrugged. “It’s a cut-throat business. You don’t expect to run around killing who you want and not have anyone do the same do you? Simpletons, both of you. At least you’re fag of a brother died like a man.”

Johnny bit his lip. Niko gave Johnny a subtle nod. The man saw it.

“For Michael.” Johnny said. He pulled the trigger.

The man fell, with a messy hole in his head. Blood splattered on the wall.


Johnny looked at Niko.

Is it over? Johnny wanted to ask.


Edited by Mokrie Dela
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Mokrie Dela

Chapter Twenty Nine – Revelations.


Niko looked at Michelle – Karen, he corrected himself. He wondered, was all this as she had said – could he even believe her word?


“I’m sorry for the way I went about all of this.” She said, her eyes landing soft on Niko’s. For a moment, Niko sensed truth in her words; her eyes held a sad reflection of his. “After what happened there was no other way – you would have turned your back if I had–”

“I’m just glad it’s all over.” Johnny said with a sigh of relief.

Niko stared at the two in front of him. He wanted to believe Michelle – Karen – but he couldn’t.

“I’m done here.” Niko said after a pause. “I’m leaving Liberty City.” Jamaica with Jacob, he told himself, but kept hat fact private.

Karen nodded and handed Niko an envelope. Niko folded his arms and stared defiantly.

“Another job?” He snarled.

Karen shook her head. “Please, open it.”

Reluctantly, Niko did.

Inside was a couple of compact disks, a few memory cards and flash drives, and some folders. There was also a hard disk drive and a backup tape.

Niko stared up, his face showing his confusion.

“It’s everything we have on you and those around you. Now my employers are gone and no one else will replace him – the office has been closed. As of now United Liberty Paper Company no longer exists. Marc saw to that. I’m the only person left who knows who you are and what you’ve done.” She nodded at the envelope. “You’re in control of your own freedom now.” Her eyes flashed regret, but she blinked it away.

Niko took a breath and closed the envelope. “What’s stopping me killing you now?” He asked coldly.

Karen looked at Johnny then Niko. “Nothing.” She said.

Niko flexed his jaw muscles. “Don’t think this means I’ll forgive you. If you were a guy, I’d have killed you by now.”

“Oh, gee…” Karen sighed. “Thanks.”

Niko shook his head. “Just tell me why?”

Karen took a moment.

“Have you ever got caught up in something?” She asked. “That you didn’t want to be, you just got dealt a dud hand? I’m not like you – I haven’t gone around killing people, or smuggling people. One mistake – and you pay for it for a lifetime.

“He came to my rescue, in a way. No jail, no fines, just a job.” She looked up, her face looking torn. “You were in Europe, gallivanting all over he place. Smuggling people – who by the way ended up as sex slaves or meeting other unpleasant fates. I don’t know how they picked up on you, but they did. Then they found out about your cousin. Immediately he was put on a watch list. After a few weeks, they intercepted your messages. You were coming to America. That’s when I was… used. They set me up with a job, a cover, and I befriended Mallorie. Then I meet you.”

Karen lit a cigarette. “At first I thought I’d got the wrong person. You seemed so sweet…

“They thought you were going to be extending Bulgarin’s operations into America. Ironically it wasn’t you that helped him – or killed him.”

Niko looked up. “Yeah, you said.”

Karen nodded. “Lopez.”

Johnny and Niko shot a glance at each-other.

Karen nodded and continued. “Then you got involved with Elizibeta Torres. We were – they were – starting to lose interest, to be honest.

“I wish I could take it back – feed them false information. But they had other sources; someone inside Torres’ operation. Then we would have both lost.”

“Lost?” Niko frowned. “You think this was a game?”

Karen shook her head, as if to shake the shame off.

“How could you lie to me so much?” Niko said through gritted teeth.

Johnny was shaking his head.

Karen’s eyes flashed anger then. “Like you two are perfect. Niko – you killed Mikhail Faustin. Why? Because you had no choice. What about Vladimir Glebov? The guy up in North Holland. Darko Brevic. Dimitri Rascolov.”

“You killed Dimitri?” Johnny breathed.

“You knew him?”

Karen spat. “He knew him ok. You know what he was like. Using people, manipulating people.”

“Like you.” Niko added.

“Yes, like me. He used Johnny – made him kidnap your cousin. You remember that?”

Niko’s eyes shot to Johnny. Air escaped from his lungs like a raging bull.

“Yes Niko, you hypocrite. You killed Jim – Johnny’s best friend. He kidnaps your cousin, you kill his childhood friend. A fair trade, no?”

The biker shot back an angered glance. She’s lying, he thought. Ray killed him… Or so Ashley said.


Karen let out a malevolent chuckle. “You go around, getting revenge on those who’ve wronged you, not caring that you’re doing the same. You did whatever you were told to, just to protect those you cared about. Or to survive. Then when others do the same, you act as if the world’s turned its back on you. Hypocrites, both of you.”

Karen sighed. “I had hoped, Niko, that this would end with us being amicable to each other. Okay, so we wouldn’t have been able to forgive and forget, and remain friends, or more, like I had once kind of hoped, but I thought at least we’d make peace, and part on good terms.”

“You b*tch.” Niko snarled.

“Yes. I’m the b*tch. Because I lied to you. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Why is it okay for you to kill, kill everyone you see, to keep your head above water or protect Roman or,” She turned to Johnny. “Ashley.”

Karen shook her head. “For the last two years I hated myself for what I did, but I knew I didn’t have any choice. Like you. If Johnny didn’t kidnap Roman, his girlfriend would die.”


Karen ignored the biker’s correction. “If you didn’t kill Jim, your mafia friend wouldn’t have found your big bad enemy, which might I remind you, we actually did. I am sick and tired of feeling guilty, of regretting what I’ve done. You’re no saint either.” She shook her head. “You know what, I’m glad this is all over. Have fun with your new friend.” With that she turned and walked off.


Johnny turned to Niko. Niko turned to Johnny. None of what Karen had just said had sunk in.

To Niko, and to Johnny, there was only one thing on their mind.



Both men stared at their new-found enemy, sitting no more then a foot away from each other. Both men reached for their guns…


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Mokrie Dela


He looked at the woman, who scrubbed up well. The food was good and the atmosphere was electric – in a subtle relaxing kind of way. The woman dipped a King Prawn into the sauce and took an alluring bite. A bit of sauce dripped onto her chin and she giggled.
“I must be honest, I thought you were bullsh*t. The mayor told me everything. How does a humble club owner turn into a hero?”
He laughed. “I wouldn’t call me a hero, fiera.”
“Oh, I know your story. Drugs, gangs, Juvie, prison. You’re a bad boy.”
He smiled and took her hand. “Depends who you talk to.”
The woman laughed. “It’s been a long time since I went on a date.”
He nodded.
“I’m surprised though. I did a web search for you. Saw pics for journals, soirees, shindigs and parties. I sense that I am not your usual type.” He chuckled awkwardly. He shrugged.
“Tonight is not a night I’m searching for an easy lay. I can’t lie, that’s who I am, quantity, not quality. Variety is the spice of life.”
“I’m a career woman. I’ve never had the time to date people really…”
“Well look at it this way, at the very least…” He leant in. “We’ll get to finish what we started.”
The woman giggled, a glint in her eye surpassing her executive, intellectual exterior and showing a wildcat underneath. This will be a woman fun to break in and ‘educate’, Luis Fernando Lopez thought.

Karen sat in her car – the same car that once had the Serbian in, driving to a date, with hope that it would turn into something. She felt bad – not just for the lies, but for what she just said.
Truth hurts, she told herself. She had redeemed herself. The bad guy was stopped. Niko was now free. He didn’t exist.
She pulled over at a red light and looked in the mirror.


She imagined the sound of two gunshots – one Niko’s Desert Eagle, the other Johnny’s shotgun. A flock of pigeons bursting through the trees from the park, like an erupting volcano.
Then, silence.
Karen felt a shiver shoot down her spine. Neither man would miss their target, she knew, and she'd given them both enough reason to shoot each other.
The light turned green and she accelerated, holding back the tears.
She heard no gunshots.
She was free – from the shady ‘paper’ company, and from her guilt.
She headed for the airport, leaving Liberty City behind her. Where she'd go, she had no idea.

Liberty City, she thought. A city of deceit, hypocrisy and selfishness. A city of lies, where the American dream goes to die.

[/story] (You may post)

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El Zilcho

This is absolutely amazing! The best IV era fanfic I've ever read. Simply sublime, and I really can't wait for part 16. The atmosphere, the feeling, the characters, and especially the humour, dialogue and attitude are completely spot on. This is one of my favourite pieces on WD right now! icon14.gif


Post 16 soon...

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Mokrie Dela
This is absolutely amazing! The best IV era fanfic I've ever read. Simply sublime, and I really can't wait for part 16. The atmosphere, the feeling, the characters, and especially the humour, dialogue and attitude are completely spot on. This is one of my favourite pieces on WD right now! icon14.gif


Post 16 soon...

Thanks! Think of me when the voting begins wink.gif


16 is coming soon biggrin.gif

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Mokrie Dela
Can't wait for you to upload the next chapter, keep up the good work icon14.gif

Thanks. Hoping you'll like Thames as much smile.gif


New Chapter's up... Get ready to find out who the Voice is!

Quite short, but I finally know who the voice is. Good job icon14.gif


Bet you didn't see that coming!


Obv i ask anyone to use spoiler tags when talking about this person for those who may not have read that far tounge.gif


What's your thoughts on it?

It was short simply because it didnt need to be long. Finally The Voice is revealed - a question everyone's been asking themselves tounge.gif


Now there should be new questions you're asking (feel free to discuss them btw)


New chapter will be up very soon

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  • 2 weeks later...

Is Luis going down? Also if he could somehow include where Packie went also add Haung Lee into it some where. That would be great. Great Story. Can't wait until the update. I am thinking of all the possible endings.


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Is Luis going down? Also if he could somehow include where Packie went also add Haung Lee into it some where. That would be great. Great Story. Can't wait until the update. I am thinking of all the possible endings.

Huang? It sure would be cool, but it depends in what year CoL plays.

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Mokrie Dela

well, as stated several times, it's set approximately 2 years after IV.

i don't know too much of CTW so i can say that i'm not planning on including Huang at all.

Packie, unfortunately, will not appear in this.


As for Luis going down, the answer can be found in GTA IV itself, in an abstract way. (in otherwords im not going to say!)

Thanks for checking it out and commenting smile.gif


Also, New chapter's up, #17 - Answers at Last


Edited by Mokrie Dela
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Another great chapter, I'd never thought Niko and Johnny do some mercenary action. Everything makes sense now. Have you been thinking about giving Karen a backstory? Why did she work for ULP at all?

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Mokrie Dela
Another great chapter, I'd never thought Niko and Johnny do some mercenary action. Everything makes sense now. Have you been thinking about giving Karen a backstory? Why did she work for ULP at all?

I've decided that the specifics regarding her will remain up in the air, i think that works better.

There will be a small amount on insight into her psyche though, if that makes sense.


Glad you liked the chapter. As you can tell from the reserved posts and the first post teasers, you can see how much is left. Feel free to speculate about them (i will happily engage in such, without giving anything away)

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I think it will have a happy ending tounge.gif


Seriously, I'm very interested how the story turns out. And I hope for a romance between Niko and Michelle...

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Mokrie Dela
I think it will have a happy ending tounge.gif


Seriously, I'm very interested how the story turns out. And I hope for a romance between Niko and Michelle...

Well it definitely has an ending wink.gif


I won't go into detail for obvious reason so I'll keep this generic


I think Michelle has gotten a bad rep. She betrayed Niko but look at the cutscenes with her from the snow storm onwards. She appears to be hurt by it all. I think she likes Niko and has no choice.

The funny thing is that Niko calls her a bitch but he's no different.


I am going to say this (possible spoiler for this story): there is something in the background, building up. A sort of a loose end. I won't say who it is concerning though. See if you can spot it.

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Mokrie Dela

A little update:


Got around 7,000 words written tonight (not including the f*ck loads of which i scrapped).


The chapters are setting up to be epic. I hope that when i read it back in a few days i still feel that way!



I'm bringing back a couple of "stars" from previous GTA (you'll see when you read it) haha


Also a cameo by someone too tounge.gif


New chapter in the next few days maybe....

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A little update:


Got around 7,000 words written tonight (not including the f*ck loads of which i scrapped).


The chapters are setting up to be epic. I hope that when i read it back in a few days i still feel that way!



I'm bringing back a couple of "stars" from previous GTA (you'll see when you read it) haha


Also a cameo by someone too tounge.gif


New chapter in the next few days maybe....

Happy to hear you work on it icon14.gif

Bringing characters from previous GTA? I hope you won't mix the era's turn.gif

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Mokrie Dela
A little update:


Got around 7,000 words written tonight (not including the f*ck loads of which i scrapped).


The chapters are setting up to be epic. I hope that when i read it back in a few days i still feel that way!



I'm bringing back a couple of "stars" from previous GTA (you'll see when you read it) haha


Also a cameo by someone too tounge.gif


New chapter in the next few days maybe....

Happy to hear you work on it icon14.gif

Bringing characters from previous GTA? I hope you won't mix the era's turn.gif

Don't take the word 'stars' too literally... I'm not bringing Claude CJ etc back, at least not in the sense that they're physically coming back...


The two eras are not going to be f*cked up. City of lies only has continuity with IV, TLAD BOGT and, in a subtle way, Thames City (see sig).

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Dude when's the next chapter coming Im lovin this man it's friggen awesome


Also can they somehow meet yusuf so at the end he can come to help in his golden buzzard or something like that.

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Mokrie Dela
Dude when's the next chapter coming Im lovin this man it's friggen awesome


Also can they somehow meet yusuf so at the end he can come to help in his golden buzzard or something like that.

No comment.



The next chapter will be up in the next few days. I've almost got it finished - some editing checking etc


So there should be some steady and sporadic updates. "Track" this topic and you'll see when there's new.


For those showing extra interest in this, i may message privately informing of the update smile.gif


Thanks for checking it out - I'm glad you're liking it!

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I knew you throw Luis back... but is it over for him already? I wonder how his fate turns out. The chapter was a good read. I liked how everyone pretended to be Russians.

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Mokrie Dela

@billy james, thanks smile.gif


Mati, yeah the russians are pretty much scapegoats.


As for Luis, He may die, he may live. I'm not saying!

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Amazing chapter. I knew you would let Luis alive. I simply love how the events of GTA IV still have a meaning in CoL.

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