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Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo


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This is my first GTA fanfic. I decided to pick a different setting than most other topics. This was hard, and I have put a lot of effort into it so far. Before you start commenting, don't just berate my topic because you think Tokyo isn't going to be GTA V. Be open minded while reading this and give me some useful feedback.

user posted image


By Bluecheer.

Artwork by Narcis_Speed6.

Weapon icons by Akavari112 & EduardJoeleKuck.


Why Tokyo? What about language?
Well, Tokyo is arguable the most interesting city on the planet. It is the technological

epicenter of the world, it has eccentric innovations and services you can't find anywhere

else, and a ton of history and culture. More importantly, it has strong gang presence, aka

Yakuza, the backbone of the plot.

Of course, a GTA rendition would make certain compromises to meet the needs of players.

For the language barrier, radio stations and most dialogue would be in English, apart from

some Japanese remarks. Signs would mostly be in Japanese to be authentic, but important

things like humorous advertisements and services would be in English to be convenient.

user posted imageuser posted image



user posted image
You play as Jin Odate, a highly praised Yakuza associate and freelance hitman. He is quiet, cold, and calculating with his mind on his money. Physically, he has a strong tight physique, able to climb and maneuver with ease, as well as fight with lightning fast dexterity. He has facial scars, and is missing a segment of his ring finger as the result of traditional Yakuza punishment for a mistake he made in the past. Traditional Yakuza tattoos cover his body.


The plot of the story is very malleable and will rely heavily on the player's actions. Jin's arrival in Tokyo will be the spark that sets off a war between the major criminal organizations, and depending on your decisions they can rise and fall variably. After an inevitable betrayal, Jin will begin to gain independent influence and power, starting his own unit composed of friends and characters he meets throughout the story (Similar to the Vercetti Gang). Jin has the freedom to choose his alliances, who he trusts, and who he wants dead. By the end of the story, other factions will be left in remains and only Jin's Yakuza will stand to take over Tokyo.


user posted image
Tamagawa Family: An old traditional Yakuza faction that has the most influence. Some of their ventures include extortion, car smuggling, blackmail, bribery, and political assassination. Its members are well disciplined, loyal, and have a professional appearance. They share a fragile treaty with the Dojima Clan.

Dojima Clan: A large Yakuza faction that derives its power from its numbers and hostility. They are heavily involved in drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, Contrary to the Tamagawa Family, they wear flashy suits and openly display their tattoos. Members tend to shoot first, ask questions later. The organization is divided among several feared under-bosses. They are mutual allies of the Tamagawa Family, but recent tension has stressed the relationship.

Sun Chang Triads: A budding faction that has been able to hold its own against the remorseless Yakuza families. The Sun Chang Triad are quickly taking Yakuza turf for their own. They are heavily involved in drug trafficking and arms trafficking, owning several underground gun shops. (I know there are no records of Triads in Tokyo, but I incorporated them because they add another angle to the story.)

Kkangpae: Korean mobsters that are involved in money laundering, counterfeiting, underground casinos, and loan sharking. They are as powerful as any Yakuza organization.

Bōsōzoku: Violent motorcycle gangs that make Tokyo their playground. They can be heard from afar as they speed recklessly with suped up street-fighter motorcycles and super-bikes. They have been known to be used as hired muscle by larger organizations. The Bōsōzoku are a minor gang.

Street Racing Syndicate: They race their custom machines on the highways where they can push it to the limit, but are also known to race on the narrow, winding mountain roads outside the city. Street racers are a minor gang.

Other Gangs: Apart from major organizations, endless street gangs and punks roam the streets of Tokyo and can be a nuisance.



user posted image

Here are a handful of the vehicles in GTA Tokyo.


Sports/Supercars Muscle/Vintage Two-Doors Four-Doors Bikes Aircraft






Super GT






Sabre GT







Super Diamond









Police Cruiser

Police Cityscape



Bati 800


NRG 900

PCJ 600










Police Helicopter




user posted image

Gun control is tight in Tokyo, and as a result the majority of firearms are smuggled and distributed illegally by the Yakuza, Triads, and Korean mob. Underground outlets can be found throughout the city where you can buy weapons, but they don't come cheap.

Click weapons to see their in-game icons. (Call of Duty ain't got nothin' on this.)


Melee Handguns Shotguns SMGs Rifles Sniper Rifles Explosive Thrown

Baseball Bat



Silenced Pistol

Combat Pistol

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Pump Shotgun

Combat Shotgun

Micro SMG


Assault SMG

Assault Rifle

Carbine Rifle

Machine Gun

Sniper Rifle

Combat Sniper

Silenced Sniper

Rocket Launcher

Grenade Launcher



Throwing Knife

Remote Bomb

user posted image

Clothes come in premade outfits but in a large variety and assortment of colors and styles.


OutfitsSpecialYakuza Suit


Double-Breasted Suit/Trenchcoat

Double-Breasted Suit/Turtleneck

Double-Breasted Suit/Tie


Sports Jacket

Dress Shirt


Letterman Jacket

Military Jacket

Leather Jacket

Track Suit


Thermal Shirt


Policeman Outfit

Assassin Outfit

Hakama Outfit

Biker Outfit

Racing Outfit


user posted image

J-Pop Rock/Punk Hip Hop Nujabes Tribute Electronica Drum & Bass




Riyuu - Hannya

DA.YO.NE - East End X Yuri


Horn in the Middle - Nujabes

Flowers - Nujabes






user posted image

Sword Combat: Katana fighting is very complex, and does not consist of simply swinging the sword like a baseball bat. They are very deadly weapon and occasionally in the storyline you must go face-to-face in traditional sword fights. You can throw various slashes and stabs, block, parry, and sword lock. With proper skill you can lop off enemy arms and heads, and if you are a true master you can even deflect bullets. You can obtain a professionally forged katana and practice at a Yakuza Dojo to hone your skills safely.

Sword Customization: Go to a Yakuza sword smith to get a brand new katana, as well as the ability to customize it with different color hilts, tsubas, etc.

Executions: At close range, you can execute enemies with a firearm as an alternative to melee pistol whipping or rifle butting. Depending on the weapon, Jin can put a bullet in the enemy's kneecaps and head, a shotgun shell in the chest, and other gory executions. Melee weapons, like the Katana, can also be used to do executions when the enemy is at low enough health.

Fighting Styles: At different gyms you can train with expert fighters. Apart from Jin's default mixed martial arts, he can learn:

Boxing: Quick jabs and knockout punches.

Muay Thai: A strong assortment of elbow and knee moves.

TaekWonDo: Emphasis on agile kicks, jolts, and footwork.

Judo: Emphasis on grappling, take downs, and throws.

Combos: You can throw blitzkriegs of punches, alternate punches, and kicks. Any combination of the three buttons will result in a fluid combo. You can have access to dozens of combinations of attacks depending on what fighting style you currently have equipped.

Grappling: Similar to VCS, you can grab enemies and punch them, headbutt them, and throw them in a direction. Grappling can not be done in the midst of hand-to-hand combat unless after dodging an attack.

Dual-Wielding: Pistols can be wielded akimbo for double the firepower, however they are more inaccurate and take longer to reload. SMGs can not be dual-wielded.

Racing: Racing plays a big role in the game, and can be practiced through several racing outlets:

Street Race: Mostly done on the highways, anything goes and the winners go home with a lot of extra cash.

Bike Race: Basically a more dangerous street race with high-end motorcycles.

Racetrack: Legitimate racing can be done, such as time trials and drags.

Touge Race: Narrow winding mountain passes necessitate skilled drifting to come out alive.

Car Customization: Vehicles can be upgraded with performance and visual enhancements.

Engine: Upgraded engines result in ultimately faster acceleration and top speed.

Suspension: Better suspension allows for tight handling and steering.

Brakes: Reliable brakes can stop your car on a dime or make it susceptible to drifting.

Tires: Racing tires prevent sliding on streets, drifting tires on the other hand emphasize sliding, and off-road allows for traction on rough terrain.

Nitrous: Upon activation, gives your car a potent boost of speed for a short time. It recharges over time.

Body Kit: Different aftermarket parts can be equipped, such as spoilers, bumpers, lips, hoods, etc.

Underglow:Cosmetic neon light that adds a flair to the underside of your car.

Car Dealerships: Special cars can be bought, which cannot be obtained by any other means. Rare American cars can be imported via the internet.

Working Out: You can visit local gyms to lift weights and train. You have a fitness bar that defines how well you can fight, run, climb, jump, etc. Lifting weights or doing any gym activity will raise your fitness level, but only to an extent. You have to make use of every gym activity in order to reach a high fitness. Expert fighters hang around gyms and can teach you new fighting styles for a fee.

Fight Club: An underground club where brawlers fight in a pit for money. As rounds go on, melee weapons are thrown into the pit to make things interesting. High rollers tend to show up and place large bets on the fighters.

Inventory & Items: There is a grid-like inventory that allows you to store items you come across. These items can be anything from a hunk of food to an umbrella or electronic device. There is a radial menu with 8 slots in which you can assign items to for convenience. You hold LB to bring up the menu then use the right stick to pick something to interact with.

Drugs: Similar to items, you can acquire different amounts of different drugs. These drugs can be sold to dealers around town and they all have their own prices. The drug economy in the game is interactive and will have you

Real Estate: Businesses, safehouses, and other forms of property are bought via internet. A special real estate website will have a list of all the available properties for sale. Details about it are shown such as location, purpose, and pictures of it.

Safehouse Upgrading: Once you own a safehouse, it will appear bare and unfurnished. You can upgrade it with new furniture/decorations and useful things at the same real estate website you buy properties on. The first upgrade is a reasonable price and simply makes the safehouse nice and expensive looking with electronics, modern style furniture and decorations. The second upgrade is expensive but adds usable things like pool tables, darts, a laptop, health kit spawn, and gun safe.

Businesses: You can own businesses that generate revenue after you complete the mission(s) connected to that property. These missions become available after you buy the property. After you set up a business, bodyguard goons will spawn around the property and protect it. Some businesses offer a special benefit, like extra garage space or discounts on things. Here are a few of the businesses you can own:

Garage/Showroom: A car-enthusiast's paradise. Located near the docks, it has a storage space and a small track outside to test drive on.

Strip Club/Brothel: A place to relax and see some girls. You can get lap dances or other services for free since you are the owner.

Arcade/Casino: A bastion for gamers and gamblers alike. You can play games or gamble.

Nightclub/Bar: Popular at night, you can get drunk, mingle, or dance.

Gym/Dojo: A place to exercise and train. You can get fit, spar, or learn new fighting styles.

Turf: Once Jin's criminal outfit is assembled, he can engage in Turf Wars with other organizations for territory and businesses.


I will update this with more soon. Feedback would be much appreciated.

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Spaghetti Cat

Looks good to me, esp the swordfighting, keep it up icon14.gif

No Image Available

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I defo like the swordfighting bit, rather than the old slashing action in previous GTAs. How about when you do an execution, you can use the katana to lob off the head of your target instead of shooting.

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Very well done! Now how are you going to do the radio for a setting like Tokyo?

I'm still figuring out the radio. I can' think of very good radio station names, but I want to have one for J-Pop, which is very popular there. Also a standard punk/rock station, hip hop station, techno, and a station dedicated to the late Nujabes, which is like hip hop jazz.


I decided on a minimalistic story to focus on gameplay and stuff. Do you guys want me to add to the story or just keep it simple?

Edited by BlueCheer
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Good effort, this is really is an interesting conept icon14.gif

Only querie is your subtitle, Blood and Honour. I'm pretty sure AnthMUFC-Champs was planning on using that...

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Good effort, this is really is an interesting conept  icon14.gif 

Only querie is your subtitle, Blood and Honour. I'm pretty sure AnthMUFC-Champs was planning on using that...



for what??


i'll change it just in case. sorry

Edited by BlueCheer
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I presume he is maing a concept called Blood and Honour because he requested a logo for it in GFX. Once again though,

nice concept icon14.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice! I see if I can get you a proper GTA ped so you can use it as the main character for images! icon14.gif

user posted image
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im working on radio stations but i cant think of proper names for them. i guess ill just list the genre and put some songs when its finished

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needs moar images of Tokyo...


here's some:

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


EDIT: had to make the 2nd image smaller happy.gif

Edited by RomanViking
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Nice work bro very uniqe idea tounge.gif
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Good job, but I don't think that GTA will move to Tokyo. confused.gif And I'm glad about it.


All the kids that surrounded me had superheroes - superman, spiderman etc. Paul was my superhero.

Damn you, Carrera GT.

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Miyuki Katagiri

I previously lived in Tokyo and I can say It's a great place! Especially to create chaos! (GTA style) But, sadly it has a low chance... Since, Rockstar Games commonly picks America and it's State's for GTA... I hope there will be a GTA V: Tokyo through!

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Amazing mate well done allot of effort has payed off so keep updating and this could be a very good topic.

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looks pretty nice, love the china pics, definitely a place i would like to visit
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I like this. Tokyo has always been one of my favorite places for a GTA and I'd love to see GTA V there.

I like the way that the story can take big turns depending on players' reacts and the gangs seem pretty cool, I'm glad that you remembered to add the street racers in as in they are a major problem in Tokyo. icon14.gif


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It would be a nice change of pace, With a Complex network of roads and rail included, and the remodels of all of the compact cars would be interesting to see.

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Bro. This is good sh!t.

For radio stations, I may be able to give you a hand there if you like, just PM. My Media teacher once taught us that rock n roll is popular over there, a sort of legacy from american soldiers occupying japan after the second world war. Elvis anyone?

Like the CQC, it be good to have a fair few missions with that as a NECESSITY instead of shooting non stop.

And burnouts!

Well done mate, its good to see the effort involved.

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Official General

Forget about this GTA Tokyo idea - there is already a game of this kind available on the PS3 and it's called Yakuza. We dont need this, however nice it looks.

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It seems that when these games are joined:

-GTA series

(Basic GTA thingy)

-Yakuza series(HELL YEAH!)

(Tokyo and the Yakuzas also the fighting systems)

-Manhunt series

(Brutal kills with various things)

-Ninja Gaiden series

(The equipments)

-True Crime series


-NFS series

(Car and race thingy)

It could make GTA:Tokyo. And I prefer the languange in Japanese. Everything.

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Mokrie Dela
Only querie is your subtitle, Blood and Honour. I'm pretty sure AnthMUFC-Champs was planning on using that...

I don't see why he still can't use it though. :s


OT: I want a map! tounge.gif

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Click here to view my Poetry

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I was going to but he can use it if he wants i am fine with that as i dont think i am anymore but mate i love this concept please update mate do not abanden such a good topic.

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I was going to but he can use it if he wants i am fine with that as i dont think i am anymore but mate i love this concept please update mate do not abanden such a good topic.

It's fine dude, I just changed it to Blood and Steel which works just as well.


I'm not abandoning this, I've just been procrastinating to add more to it. I guess radio stations are next, I don't know what is popular in Japan but I will have some Nujabes and Shing02 in it, as well as whatever I come across in my research. I'll just list the stations by what genre they are, since I don't know what the actual stations would be called.


I don't have a map in the pipeline, I'm not very good at that stuff. If any of you make a good one though I'll add it colgate.gif


Thanks for the feedback guys

Edited by BlueCheer
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I starting adding music to the radio stations. I got a hip hop station and a station dedicated to the late Nujabes, which is like a blend of hip hop and jazz.

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