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What would you do to improve TLAD?

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Should've made it its own game as well as include a bigger and expanded part of Alderney (with seperate Tudor, Alderney City and Bercham townships based on their real-life inspirations and including like a Camden parody and an expanded Plumber's Skyway). Also I would probably expand much more on Billy's and Ray's arcs in the storyline, because I felt they went by way too fast especially the latter. It kinda felt like we didn't get enough insight on the animosity between Ray and Johnny to make Johnny want to betray him. Sure, Ray was a scumbag to Johnny and was fooling around with Ashley, but the sudden buildup of Johnny taking the money when the deal went bust was kind of anticlimatic and felt like an afterthought.


Also on top of Cage Fights, they could have given you the opportunity to buy new clubhouses and amenities (like pool tables, stripper poles and bar counters) as well as include like a Morale meter or something in the game; the lower it is, the more likely members are going to defect over to Brian's or Billy's faction. With that idea, I think multiple endings could work here depending on how many people stick around in Johnny's faction. They should also have like a mayhem minigame where you just go around the city with the rest of the Lost just plain raising hell. Loan-sharking and drug dealing for the lost or blackmail for Stubbs might also be a good idea.


The atmosphere of the game is extremely unique musically and stylistically even for a DLC especially given the gritty, Running Scared-ish or Sons of Anarchy vibe the game has being set in late-2000s, post-recession NYC and NJ, so while I'm grateful that a biker game like this was made I think it definitely could have the potential to be so much more.

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