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What would you do to improve TLAD?

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i will continue to say that TLAD would work well with the addition of the GTA Online Biker stuff.


- Ability to buy clothes for Johnny

- Ability to purchase a new clubhouse (and decorate it similar to GTA Online)

- Ability to purchase numerous different illegal businesses (much like GTA Online Biker DLC) with including missions related to them and the ability to upgrade them in order to make a bigger profit

- New website to purchase Bikes (will be dropped off at either the main safehouse or clubhouse)

- Addition of some of the Biker DLC weapons

- Ability to recruit Lost Bikers to ride around and complete missions with

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iiCriminnaaL 49
Posted (edited)
On 4/24/2018 at 3:54 AM, iiCriminnaaL 49 said:
  • Giving the Angels of Death a bigger role in the storyline.
  • Increasing Billy's antagonistic role. Maybe having Brian send his faction to break Alderney's prison, so Billy escapes, then takes the leadership of the faction with Brian as his VP. Having Billy kills Jim himself, then gets killed in a big fight between him (alongside his faction) and Johnny (alongside the official line of the gang).
  • Adding a couple of missions between Collector's Item and Was It Worth It?, and so between the latter and Get Lost, because it felt too rushed by that part.
  • Increasing the rivalry with Niko after Collector's Item. (maybe Johnny couldn't have more cutscenes with Niko, because we already played as Niko in IV, and thus, new cutscenes won't work, as we didn't see them in IV, but it could've been something else that's related to Niko; maybe causing more troubles to Roman, or a bigger rivalry with the Rascalovs, by making The Lost figure out that Niko was the one who killed Jason, as Niko killed Jason in orders of Faustin, and Rascalov was the latter's partner and best friend)
  • Re-writing the last part or Ray's role so Niko kills him before he sends his goons to The Lost's Alderney clubhouse, leads to keep it accessible even after Get Lost. (which would be differ from the default Get Lost as well)
  • Making Dimitri have a physical appearance during Roman's Holiday. (not really important, but it would've been interesting)
  • Gang wars being unlocked after This Sh*t's Cursed; since Johnny hasn't become the chapter's president until Billy got arrested. Makes more sense to not allow him to open gang wars as the vice president, especially when knowing that Billy is a greedy president who doesn't want anyone else to have a big role in the gang he leads.
  • Maybe adding a couple of biker outfits to Johnny's wardrobe, including his original outfit from IV, long boots, gloves, and maybe more.

In addition:

  • Keeping the clubhouse accessible after completing the storyline. (story-wise, Johnny, Terry and Clay have already put the clubhouse out of its misery, but it would've been a lot better if R* kept it accessible for fun. Nonetheless, Lost members still hang in Alderney, and gang wars are still available. Not to mention that player still can call Terry and Clay for backup.)
  • Adding the LC Cage (a.k.a. fight club). (which was actually supposed to happen.)
  • The ability to recruit The Lost's members.
  • Deadbeats (a.k.a. Angels of Death 😛) should've been aggressive towards Johnny. (I'm surprised they weren't. The only way they will attack Johnny, despite defending themselves, is when he harasses them, which appeals for every neutral gang as well.)
  • Accessible clubhouse of the Angels of Death. (as they would've been aggressive, they'll attack Johnny as soon as they catch him.)
  • Adding a few more missions. (restoring the cut missions.)
  • The ability to drink in The Lost's Alderney clubhouse. (there is already a bar in the clubhouse, but it was only used during cutscenes. Doesn't really matter anyway.)
  • The ability to hang out with Jason, Malc and DeSean. (Malc's phone number was supposed to be in Johnny's contacts, which can be noticed during Roman's Holiday.)
  • Uptown Riders' clubhouse interior. (might've been cool if it existed, maybe using it for a few missions with Malc and DeSean, or while hanging with them.)
Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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Clothing options for Johnny. Now I'm not saying I could picture him wearing stuff from Modo or Perseus, but a small gritty biker store would have at least been cool to see.

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More bikes, especially proper choppers and cruisers.

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-more bikes (some more cruisers, choppers and bobbers, some touring bikes like Wayfarer from GTA SA, Wintergreen from GTA VCS and Bagger and Sovereign from GTA 5, maybe some Japanese and European cruisers, maybe even some more sports bikes and dirt bikes)

-ability to customize bikes like in GTA Online (wheels, fenders, fuel tanks, exhausts, seats, liveries...)

-ability to store bikes in a clubhouse garage like in GTA Online

-some store selling biker/metalhead/punk-style clothes and accessories that Johnny could wear (some helmets, an old school Schott Perfecto-style leather jacket, denim jacket, leather vest, denim vest, T-shirts with motorcycle manufacturer logos and rock band logos, differen pants like worn out and ripped jeans, leather pants and cargo pants, different boots, leather gloves, leather fingerless gloves, bandanas, some old school aviator shades, wallet chains, spiked wristbands...)

-ability to hang out with Jason, Malc and DeSean

-some more missions (in the trailer there was some deleted mission where Johnny, Billy, Jason and some other guy drove in some old green station wagon and did a drive by on someone,too bad it was later removed from the final game)

-AOD being more aggressive to Johnny than other gangs (similar to Ballas and Vagos reaction to CJ,they should taunt Johnny if he's hanging out near their clubhouse and attack him if he doesn't leave after a few minutes or if he tries to enter it)

-TLMC redecorating the house that Johnny got after killing/kicking out Brian and using it as a new clubhouse after burning down the old one

-Johnny being able to compete in cage fighting

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- After finishing the main storyline, the clubhouse with all minigames, TV, sleeping etc. should be available. Screw storyline, I want to play the game fully dammit!

- Bike upgrading/modding like in GTA V

- too bad they cared about the ability to replay missions only in TBOGT and not in TLAD

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Boozey St James

This really goes for both:


Being given choices of who you want to execute or spare like in the vanilla game instead of having a linear storyline.


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-As previously said. Bike customisation.

-A TLAD equivalent of caged fights. Instead of being locked inside a cage I was thinking more looking being surrounded by a ring of other members of the Lost and their bikes. You could use chains as weapons, smash peoples' heads into bike frames etc.

-The Angels being more hostile in free roam. This is probably the only major gripe I have with TLAD though to be fair this is a problem that stems from GTA IV too. I never get a sense of the tension between The Lost and Angels outside of the story and gangwars.


You can casually walk past and they don't give you a second look. Whilst I'm not saying they should've been as homicidal as some of the 3D era gangs certain parts of he city should make you more weary if you walk/ride through. Atleast the odds of a fist fight being much higher.


-The Lost member management. Though it's badass when Johnny taker over chapter presidency you never really "feel" like the president. I think there should've been some member management where you can choose members to move up through the ranks depending how well hey perform in activities such as gangwars. Though this might've been a bit overkill for a relatively short DLC I still think it's a cool idea.

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