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[REL][EFLC] Striker from bike

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Episodes From Liberty City gaves us a new ability to using shotgun on bike. Only problem is that default Sawn-Off isn't enough strong to make a total mayhem. But Striker? Yeah, that would definitly destroy a lot of things! In fact we have a chance to use it in one of the missions in-game, so we know, how awesome it was :3 I've decided to make this small mod to EFLC, which help us to make Striker shootable from bike. Works only with The Lost and Damned.


user posted image


Download link (temporary):



Edited by Queue

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That's a pretty neat change cool.gif

Nice work icon14.gif

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f*cking Yes!! icon14.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

but i thought you can use striker in an motorbike in Malcs Mission

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Awww go to hell dude, I just made it and wanted to post it but then I just noticed your topic....damn.

Btw, I wonder did you tried to get other shotguns working on bike? This flag that we used, makes other shotguns usable on bikes too but they don't shoot at all...you can only aim with 'em. Make all shotguns on bike and I'll f*cking love you.

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