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Question About Johnny's Cellphone Contacts

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Hey all,


I just finished beating The Lost And Damned on my PS3 but for some reason Ashley, Brian, and Stubbs all still show up as contacts still in Johnny's cellphone. I know Brian is already dead, and I've completed all of 5 Stubbs's optional missions (and got the call from him afterwards where he says it's best if he and Johnny part ways), and I got all of Ashley's emails and told her goodbye when I called her for the final time and she asks me for $40.


So why are all 3 of those contacts still shown in my cellphone phonebook? Anyone know why? I don't think I'm missing anything. Is this just a stupid glitch.

Edited by Gimpy666
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You can still call and hear their voice mail greetings or whatever. I don't know if I'd call it a glitch. Johnny just never bothers to delete them.

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Yeah, that's it. Unlike IV, I guess R* decided not to delete all the useless contacts because then you would only have two people in your phonebook.


By the way, you might want to put spoiler tags on the part about Brian dieing.

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Oh ok thanks for the input on that.


Still, having 2-3 contacts (Angus, Clay and Terry) that you use even after the game's storyline is over) in your phone would be a hell of alot more organized then hoe R* has it now....6 contacts total with only 2-3 being useable.



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  • 1 year later...

i have had my completed gta iv game file for years and for some reason francis is still in the phonebook, alongside brucie/jacob/packie/dwayne

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