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[TUT|PS]Easy soft glossy effect.


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user posted image



It's really easy to make, and believe, it looks really nice.


Tutorial is for Photoshop. CS4


user posted image


1. Make new layer with any text.

Note : Text must be in one line, it's possible with multiple lines too, but it's harder.




2. Merge all the layers




3. Take Rectangular marquee tool and make a selection under the text.

Note : You should select only 2-3 pixels under the text.



4. Take Patch Tool and drag the selection down while holding left mouse button.


You can also add some lightning effects


You're done!


Optional. Don't Deselect and go to Filters> Noise> Add noise and enter 1 in Amount.


user posted image


Final product.

"Black diamond"


"duplex" From original tutorial


Questions and Comments below.


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Looks sweet. Props to hat.

The butcher, the baker, time to meet your maker

Tell you to your face, you ain't nuttin but a faker

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nice indeed smile.gif
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Thanks guys wink.gif

Should I make more tutorials in your opinion ?

Yes! Totally. I really love 'em. As you know, I'm not really experienced with PS, and all these little things are much fun to learn!

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