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Is this a limit?

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I've been for 2 years now making a mod for SA, lots of time and effort put into it and still long way to go. It looks great by now, i think. I've found some problems along the way, but have been able to pass over them...till now, this looks a nasty one...



The problem is this: Until now i didn't have a computer capable of running the SA map editor (and barely SA itself..), so i was doinf other parts of the mod. But i recently got a less sh*tty pc, and got access to the map editor goodness. I've started a big "furnishing" of the SA back alleys and that kind of stuff, as part of the mod, because the original map always looked quite empty and poor in that aspects to me, specially at night... So i've been now for quite a time adding little details, atmosphere, and specially lights, to the maps LAe and LAs2; LAs2 just started, but LAe completed, and...it has grew up from like 30 k to 111 k... So, there is still a lot of work to do, and a lot of ipl files to grow in size...


Well, the last testing has revealed crashes to windows when arriving to certain areas (not in the modified zones, just here and there...a block in LAe2, a building in LAn2...), and even in some cutscenes from original missions. The crash log that comes along with Sacky's Limit Adjuster (the tool i'm using to circunvent original limits in SA), always shows an audio file as the last loaded before the crash, an AUDIO/STREAM/WHATEVER file, being "whatever" different each time. Replacing the 2 modified ipls for the original ones removes all the problems. So, my guess is that i've reched (too easily and too soon!) a limit for new inst added to ipls in the game, and that is causing conflict with the loading of stream audio, for whatever the obscure reason. So i run to limit adjuster, thinking that raising the limit for inst from 13000 (which looks high enough!) to a higher number would fix the problem... But it has no effect.


Anybody knows something about this limit? Some way of dealing with this? SA was looking really much better, specially at night in back alleys and such, and i was really getting into this "making up" the map thing... this problem has been really a blow to the stomack. So, well, any help would be really appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



EDIT: I forgot to mention than most, or at least half, of the new elements i put in the maps are dynamic objects (dumpsters, boxes piles, lamps for creating a light circle in the floor of back alleys, etc.) There are close to 900 new elements just in the map LAe.ipl, so i guess around 500 must be new dynamic objects in that map, and around another 100 or 200 in LAs2.ipl.

Edited by melolo

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I was working on a mod where the Muholland Junction has a few new bridges and a ramp to go above the city but as soon as I finished, I played for a little bit and the game crashed. I thought it was a problem I could fix. Using the SA Limit Adjuster had no effect. I have figured out an answer. I deleted some things like the dumpsters and other junk you never really have a need for. I could play longer and better. I came across another problem so I thought it was gonna be hard. It was the paths. I couldn't make the cars stop going up the ramp and driving off. Every time the cars just floated over the edge and drove in mid air. I am currently working on the paths error.

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