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GTA1 Multiplayer help!


Recommended Posts

Can you play GTA1 multilayer over WLAN without modifying ports on your router?


When I choose Internet TPC/IP network mode, the Windows (XP) Firewall alert appears. Will it work just fine if I click Unblock, or would I still have to modify the ports on my router?


Also, let's say you want to play GTA1 multilayer with a few friends at your home. What is the best way to create multilayer game here, in terms of connection?

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You must open ports on your router to play online. You don't usually need to open ports to play on LAN but sometimes you have to disable UPnP on your router. You always have to allow GTA2 through your firewalls or disable your firewalls.

Edited by Sektor
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Thanks, but how do I know which port should I open if I want to play online?


Which in-game connection option should I chose if I want to play on LAN? (BTW, LAN game means you connect several laptops under the same router/IP together, right?)


I don't know nothing about opening ports on router. Is this site the good way to start: http://portforward.com/? Could you point me to some direction (website) for disabling UPnP?

Edited by harper03
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That is a good site for telling you how to open ports.


Look for a UPnP or Universal Plug and Play option in your router, it usually has a page of its own.


For playing online, you need to open port 47624 and port range 2300 to 2400. UDP and TCP.




That link is for GTA2 but GTA1 uses the same ports, so following the guide for either one will fix both. Firewalls are also your enemy.

Edited by Sektor
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Thanks for the link! smile.gif This will really help me out.


Does opening these ports cause the risk of somebody breaking in my computer/internet connection? (As I said I don't know nothing about ports, so I thought I'll ask)


Do I have to open these ports in Windows Firewall too, or is it enough if I choose Unblock GTA1.exe?


If I want to play over LAN - should I join/gather by selecting Internet TCP/IP in-game option?


And finally, will disabling Universal Plug and Play effect any other applications? (like wireless printing, connecting to the internet, file transferring...)

Edited by harper03
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  • 2 weeks later...

Opening those ports isn't risky, no one is looking for exploits in GTA1 servers.


Use TCP/IP on LAN. You can't use IPX on modern versions of Windows and TCP/IP works fine.


Just unblocking the gta1 executable should be enough to get through the Windows firewall but sometimes it stops asking to unblock when you try a new version of an exe, so you might need to remove all the old exe rules (I only noticed this in Win7 beta, it might be fixed by now).


Disabling UPnP won't stop you from connecting to the internet. It could slow down MSN file transfers if you didn't have a specific port open for MSN. Wireless printing should work fine. It could stop you from hosting online in some other games if you didn't manually open ports for them. You can always enable it again. There's usually just a UPnP checkbox on your router config page.

Edited by Sektor
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