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Help with Saint Mark's Bistro mission!

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So hi all, i got this problem, that today when i decided to start the mission Saint Marks Bistro at Caligulas Casino, i did what the guide said i should (Drive to the airport and take a plane) i DID that, took the plane, and then i flyed to Liberty City. Now see, the problem is, when i arrive at Saint Marks Bistro, there comes a Scene, where you can see CJ and some Mafia guard talking, i fall down from the floor, like, there is no floor, and i fall like 30 seconds, and then i hit the invinsible water, where i can see all the other mafias lay dead, i cant get up from the water, that means, i cant complete the mission, so yeah, i have to drown myself in it.


Its like it needs a patch, or some mod or something like that, i really dont know!


I use Car mods myself, oh and maybe a little clothes mod for myself, but i havent weared it!

and yes, i use cheats to, since i have completed it 2 times on ps2, and 1 on pc for some years ago.


I got this problem on PC, windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.


So please help me, im so desperate to get this fixed, if you need more details, let me know!

and btw, sorry for my bad explaining, im not so good at english though :]

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lil weasel

Delete any mods you have. Play the game. If no problem without mods you have no problem.

If problemoccurs when you reinstall the mods you will have to go to the Modding forums for help.

Check out the Modding Forums first, maybe there is a fix.


It is presumed that you are playing the game from the Original DVD and are not using a No-CD program, or a downloaded program.

Edited by lil weasel

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Do as lil weasel said. If the problem persists remove GTA SA and also gta_sa.set file from GTA SA documents folder. Then re-install SA. As the last instance you can ask a member of this forum to complete the mission for you provided you give a link to your file.

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Yep the are right it's the mods I completed the game for 3 time with no mods and I only had a couple of bugs along the way .

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All i Could realy think of is Reinstall.

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yeah I had the exact same problem, you gotta get rid of the mods and everything should work fine

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The Mean Hero

Hey man sorry if this is an old post but i like to help players so just replace your law.ipl file with the original one and the game will work normally.

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