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Rape Lay: the rape simulator

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im never playing the game i know its fake but it just sounds f*cking sick

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Wait what, this topic is still up? I remember this topic from months ago...

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General Goose

It was bumped for no real reason.

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Closing statement: Being as this game is obviously so horrible (raping 12yr old girls and whatnot), who could ever support this game? I thought for a while, and said, "Well, me."


I think you can do anything you want in fantasies and in cartoons. The whole argument that the counter-party has is that this game normalizes sexual violence (i.e. if you play a game where the goal is to commit rape, you think it is morally okay). I would never make the argument that playing this game is cathartic (i.e. if you played this game then you wouldn't rape), but I would make the argument that playing a video game and raping are different things entirely, and prosecuting thought-crimes is wrong. The comparison I would use is that my mom loves to read murder mysteries, she reads one or two a week, every week, and my mom has never hurt anybody. Rape is a horrible crime, but so is murder (which is an integral part of our entertainment industry).


I think that blaming a video game IS in fact normalizing violent sexual behavior. By saying such a thing, you're saying that all people are rapists, that rape is just under the surface of us, and all we need is a video game to push us over the edge from fantasy into reality. What blaming the video game does is show passion for the rapist, it shows understanding. At some level, you're saying, "It's not really the rapist's fault, it's society's fault for putting this stuff out there." I think that the rapist deserves NO understanding and NO compassion, whatsoever. And especially, no normalization.


I believe I could play as many of these rape games as I wanted, I could read as many murder novels as I wanted, play as many violent video games as I wanted, watch as many cartoons of rape and violence as I wanted, and never commit rape or violence. I simply would not do it. I think there is nothing normal about rape, people are better than that. The way to not normalize sexual violence is to NOT pretend that everyone is a rapist and a murderer that just needs a little push from a video game or cartoon. It is much more important, much worse than that, much more evil than that.


Let's not pretend these are just people who fell in with the wrong video game..

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*clap clap*

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