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The Precinct

The Precinct

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It's not for you, tubby



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up/vote/like/bump for visability

Edited by johnson.

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I know that feel...


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arch stanton


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Charity Donuthon 2K16 is a go.

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Rocket Skates


Edited by Rocket Skates

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Red text did not read.

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Rocket Skates

Is there a color you'd like to suggest?

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Evil empire

Just for fun.



01) State in 3 words or less why you should be allowed into The Academy.
Because I want

02) What is your view and opinion on gangs?
A good gangster is a dead one, I love dead gangsters except if they are in my gang.

03) Why is The Academy superior to other gangs, including your current one?
Because the sign you use for your crew members has the same color than my home country's flag. Since my country is where you find Paris, is most touristic place in the world and famed for its excellent foodand luxury products among other things this choice of colors shows yu can't be but a person with high-quality tastes. (To be serious we also have a lot of problems and defaults in France and no reason to feel superior to the other people but we are famed to be horribly pretentious with a ridiculous complex of superiority and we have a reputation to keep).

04) There are five empty glasses, what do you do?
I pour a liquid inside and drink, I throw them in the air to break them, I could also throw a molotov cocktail to them to destroy them like in Total overdose,

What is sure is I won't break a glass then drink it because I need to turn back the hands of time first. In which case I would resurrect Beverly Johnson, offer her a glass and screw the story in GTA San Andreas.

If this unlikely event had to happen I would take all the remaining glasses with the zero gravity gun and use them to kill this ungrateful bastard of Sweet so GTA San Andreas gets released anyway.

05) Describe, in your own words, what "in your own words" means. (37 character maximum)
Using my personal words

06) In the event of a fire do you:
F) run out the building faster than everyone else so you can barricade the door (hmm, barbecue)
Because I like the smell of grilled/broiled pork and didn't complete the firefighter mission IRL.

07) Why are you answering all of these questions.
So you don't have the feeling yiu created it for nothing, or because I have time to waste, even maybe both.

08) Who is more beautiful?
E) Chuck Norris

09) What/who is your favourite 80's band/artist ?
I'm not an expert in this domain, I would say U2.

10) STOP LOOKIING AT ME!!! (y/n)
I'm not looking at you, you're in my field of vision and I never allowed you to do this. Fortunately for you I'm in a good mood so I've decided to spare your miserable insignificant life. Now get out of the way idiota!

11) Does he look like a bitch?
Yes because


12) Who's the boss?
The one who has the highest rank in the line management.

13) You just won the extra big bear at the state fair playing ring toss. What do you do next?
I ensure it's not a pedobear.

14) Does he look like a bitch?
More than like a beach I swear.

15) Would you have sex with your father to save your sister?
I don't have any sister.

16) You have the choice between studying for a test, going out with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or getting completely trashed and running naked through the Student Center. What grade do you receive on the test, and why? (56 char max)
I receive the grade I deserve.

17) White-powdered or glazed?
I don't even know what you're talking about.

18) If you take a squirrel and sellotape an owl on to it, what type of expression would you have on your face while doing this ?
A funny one I think.

19) Terrorists come into your room holding guns to the heads of your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, dealer and local pet shop owner. How many sherbet lemons and cola cans will it take to make an exact replica of the HMS Belfast?
π x the number of sand grains in the Sahara / the infinite

20) Whats your favorite type of bacon?
E) Kevin

21) Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
This kind of hypothesis is not credible.

22) Is it wrong to hit women?
Only if they don't deserve it.

23) Even if you are drunk and pretty sure that they probably deserve it?
Of course. Let's make things clear.
If I hit a woman I always use the wrestling method I learnt in Las Venturas which kills the victim in 2 times 3 movements.
If the victim has good arguments I'm always ready to admit I was wrong but dead people never complain so it proves she deserved it.

24) What do you think of Digïtál £vîl?
Unknown in the batallion.

25) Write a short story in which you are the hero and get the girl, extra points will be added for drama, intrigue, romance, tension, comedy and tragedy. (You will be almost guaranteed your place in The Academy if you can make me cry because your story is so moving)
I see a girl who's being threatened by several psychopaths. I tell the psychopaths the bottom kicker is coming for them. They laugh their asses so much they die of a heart attack, the girl gives me her eternal love.

26) Using only MS Paint, draw a picture of your ideal woman/man, make this picture as detailed as possible.
I'm an awfuly bad drawer. If I made a drawing your eyes would tingle so much you would become blind so by kindess i woon't do any drawing.

27) How much would you have to be paid to put naked pictures of yourself onto the internet?
I'm not very demanding.
Take cresus' fortune, multiply it by Bill Gates' add all the money owned by Carlos Slim and it should make the deal.

28) Name one thing you regret doing.
Having not discovered the pizzadox trainer earlier for GTA San Andreas. Edited by Evil-Empire

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