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Vice City Freeze


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I just bought GTA VC in GAMEMANIA version on DVD. My Problem is that the game Freezes, and says gtavc.exe found an error and stopped, when i start buying weapons in Ammu Nation or Toolshops.

All of my drivers are up to Date. I tried to patch the game, but the patch says i cant isntall the patch because its unknown version of gtavc.exe, BUT I DIDNT INSTALL ANY MODS/etc. I tried reinstalling but i didn't help. PLease Help!!! Ty

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I bought the game 2 HOurs ago, without any scratches in GAMEMANIA version for 2500 HUF. Its a new, cheap releasing in my country.

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Now i Cant even reinstall the game beacuse it sends error 6003 at uninstalling...... SOmtheing is Really F*fcked up In here

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Stop double and triple posting please. Use the Edit button instead.


Go into your control panel, and go to Programs. Try uninstalling Vice City that way. Once you have that done, restart your PC. After that, try installing the game again.

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Did it as you told, reinstalled, started a new game, i went immidiately into a toolshop where it frozen again But now, it says Unhandled Exception c0000005 At adress 004e006c



)sorry for double posting)

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Well, you can try to go to gta_vc.exe click on properties / compability and then on click on run in compability mode for Windows 98.It worked for me when my game was crashing, but if this doesn`t help you can try to set better limits with VC limit adjuster(you can find it at the google)

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