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Camera hack?


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i thought this'd be available already. since action reply and like cheats have been for a long time available, wouldn't it be possible to create a cam hack to play this game as cam from behind 'more traditional 3d view'..?

this was an idea i've had for a long time, but just forgot. i'm aware the player and ped models and such could look a little awkward but i think it might be worth a try..

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New Liberty State

The characters are just 2D textures, and the cars, they are not very well detailed, you wouldnt like that gameplay


PSP is a whole different history though

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ofc i was talking 'bout psp version, forgot to mention that. i know it wouldn't look as good. but we wouldn't have to zoom/pan in the camera as much.

i'd just be interested to try it out, or if it was customizable, just to mess around. i mean if u use the cinematic view, sometimes it gives you closer views that don't look that bad imo.

the char. models will suck, but what the heck. it'd be worth a shot. wish i had gotten into the cheats earlier. i don't wanna go screw around addresses randomly lol

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I dont think, even on the PSP, that a Complete behind-the-player view would work on the PSP because of the people textures (have you ever entered a house to do a mission, and seen a PED or cop at ground level in the backround - it looks really crappy as each texture on top of another makes the person look like a sandwhich sad.gif ).



If you place the right directional button whilst in a car to change to a camera mode which constantly changes its angle, there is an angle in which the camera zooms right in on the car, i think the game would be better if this could be a permanent camera angle/zoom, as well as other angles on that 2nd Camera Mode.

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gta vice city has a camera exactly behind the player. go play that one if you would like to. but i think thats not the only gta game tha focuses behind the player's back. if i think i can remember there is san andreas too that does that. but anyways, yeah i wish there was a camera behind the player but not close.

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but i think thats not the only gta game tha focuses behind the player's back.

Umm, lets see...










All of those. sly.gif

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ofc i've played lcs & vcs on psp. [and advance on emu]

and on pc gta, gta london 1961, 1969, gta 2, gta iii, vc, sa & iv.


u miss the point. anyway, i enjoy the game top down too, it feels classic, so no need to bother really.

i just thought it'd be an interesting hack to try out.

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