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[WIP|CLEO4]Ultimate CLEO Trainer 1.0

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I wouldn't open a topic this early, but I felt there were a few things that needed to be said in order to calm people down (mostly people who want these features). I'd post in the other topic but that is somewhere in the depths of GTAF now and I think this version deserves a fresh start.




The last release had well over 150 different functions and settings. Most of which were fun and useful.. While making it I literally opened up the list of opcodes and tried to add the ability to use each useful one in the trainer.


The trainer also had the famous CLEO Loader and MP3 Player scripts... Both of which had a few letdowns due to the restrictions of CLEO at the time but now that CLEO 4 is released, there are new opcodes available to me in order to complete these functions.


As well as all this, I worked heavily on keeping the interface easy and neat... But I guess while surrounded by all this stuff to do I neglected some of the most important things that could've made usage much easier. The car spawner worked by pressing 2 keys... You'd have to guess which order the vehicles come in to actually find the car you want fast. Things were also quite slow.



Ultimate CLEO Trainer 1.0 will be fixing these flaws. Carmen will be implemented as an easier alternate to the old scrolling method. Menu's will also be added for many other options in the mod (such as weather selection) to make it all easier to use and understand.



To counteract the dreaded thought of more menu's, UCT 1.0 will be made more dynamic... If you're not in a car, the car spawner will be the first thing in the list. If you are in one, all the vehicle functions will be shown depending on which kind of vehicle you are in. What's the point of a heli-magnet option when you're not in a heli, eh?


Customization of the trainer itself is something else I wanted... The idea for UCT 1.0 is that you can specify many things about the way the trainer performs. You can change the keys that launch the trainer. You can change the size and position of every menu that is created during use etc.




  • Many more functions!
  • Trainer customization
  • MP3 Player Fix
  • CLEO Loader Fix
  • CLEO Mission Loader
  • Easier option browsing
  • Faster transition between menu's
  • Better performance
  • Easy feature toggling
  • Customizable keys
  • More changable (hardcoded) stuff
  • Less external files

And many more (the stuff that can't be summed up in 3 words).




Any questions, comments, suggestions, criticism, ideas, small talk or any other relevant interaction should be posted below... as if you didn't know that already.

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Sounds cool, though I won't be able to use it sad.gif

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Now, if there were translations for CLEO4 help...

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I believe Deji has been translating it

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I'm getting into scripting (Novice programming, with not really knowing wtf to do or use, such as the formula or the expressions)

Learning is fantastic.

Thanks for the translations Deji.

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