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The 100 greatest villains ever thread


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An issue of Wizard magazine gave a ITHO list of greatest villains of all time from movies, comics, TV, video games and so on. Listed is the name followed by what they appeared on or in, I know that with a lot of them are obvious but I decided to be consistent. Since it covers multiple mediums of entertainment I decided to put it here in General Chat. Anyway here is their list from 100 to 1....


100. Mr. Joshua(Lethal Weapon)

99. Beholder(D&D)

98. The Others(Lost)

97. Francis Buxton(Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

96. Sephiroth(FF7)

95. Stewie Griffin(Family Guy)

94. Braniac(Superman the animated series)

93. Norman Bates(Psycho)

92. Dean Wormer(Animal House)

91. Auric Goldfinger(Goldfinger)

90. The Gentlemen(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

89. Bill Lumberg(Office Space)

88. Frank Booth(Blue Velvet)

87. Endo(Lethal Weapon)

86. Mr. Blonde(Reservoir Dogs)

85. Col. Kurtz(Apocalypse Now)

84. Deathstroke(DC comics)

83. The French taunter(Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail)

82. Luther(Tha Warriors)

81. Angel Eyes(The Good and the Bad and the Ugly)

80. Clubber Lang(Rocky 3)

79. Cancer Man(X-files)

78. R.J. Fletcher(UHF)

77. The Flood(Halo, combat evolved)

76. The Socs(The Outsiders)

75. Big Brother(1984)

74. Herr Starr(DC vertigo)

73. Biff Tannen(Back to the Future)

72. Tony Montana(Scarface)

71. Walter Peck(Ghostbusters)

70. The Balrog(LOTR, fellowship)

69. J.R. Ewing(Dallas)

68. Megatron(Transformers)

67. Venom(Marvel comics)

66. Sideshow Bob(The Simpsons)

65. Kevin(Sin City)

64. Syndrome(The Incredibles)

63. Samara(The Ring)

62. Gollum(LOTR, Return of the King)

61. Johnny Lawrence(Karate Kid)

60. Judge Doom(Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

59. Bob(Twin Peaks)

58. General Zod(Superman 2)

57. Principal Ed Rooney(Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

56. John Doe(Seven)

55. The Overlook Hotel(The Shining)

54. Leatherface(Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

53. Cobra Commander(G.I. JOE)

52. Kid Miracleman(Eclipse comics)

51. Catwoman(DC comics)

50. Max Cady(Cape Fear)

49. Amanda Woodward(Melrose Place)

48. Iago(Othello)

47. Bill the Butcher(Gangs of New York)

46. Starcream(Transformers)

45. Mr. Burns(The Simpsons)

44. Godzilla(Gojira 1954)

43. Serpentor(G.I.JOE)

42. Keyser Soze(The Usual Suspects)

41. Hal 9000(2001 A Space Odyssey)

40. Majin Buu(Dragon Ball Z)

39. Michael Corleone(The Godfather part 2)

38. Dark Phoenix(Marvel)

37. Predator(Predator)

36. Alex Delarge(A Clockwork Orange)

35. Roddy Piper(WWE)

34. Mayor Richard Wilkins(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

33. Tony Soprano(The Sopranos)

32. Hans Gruber(Die Hard)

31. Grand Moff Tarkin(Star Wars)

30. Dracula(Monster Squad)

29. T-1000(Terminator 2)

28. Jabba the Hut(Return of the Jedi)

27. Hillbillies(Deliverance)

26. Jason Vorhees(Friday the 13th)

25. Ozymandias(DC)

24. Agent Smith(The Matrix)

23. Darkseid(DC)

22. Thanos(Marvel)

21. Red Skull(Marvel)

20. Khan(Star Trek 2, the wrath of Khan)

19. Green Goblin(Marvel)

18. Galactus(Marvel)

17. Magneto(Marvel)

16. The Thing(John Carpenter's the Thing)

15. Pennywise(IT)

14. Freddy Krueger(Nightmare on Elm Street)

13. Aliens(Aliens)

12. Sauron(LOTR)

11. Darth Vader(Star Wars)

10. The Shark(JAWS)

9. Pinhead(Hellraiser)

8. Lex Luthor(DC)

7. The Borg(Star Trek, TNG)

6. Hannibal Lector(Silence of the Lambs)

5. Zombies(Dawn of the Dead 2004)

4. Dr. Doom(Marvel)

3. Palpatine(Star Wars)

2. Pazuzu(The Exorcist)

1. The Joker(DC)


I've done a search but I didn't find it posted.

Anyway, I'm not giving too much opinions since I hadn't heard of most of these characters until I saw this list, so I can't enter into too much debate about who's better. Anyway, for the charcters I do know, I say I'm not very happy with this list. What do you think?



The 10 worst villains, also by Wizard magazine

10.CD Cenobite(Hellraiser III)

9.Typeface(Marvel Comics)

8.Gargamel(The Smurfs)

7.The Orphans(The Warriors)

6.Albert(Marvel comics)


4.King Tut(Batman)

3.Fusion the Twin Terror(Marvel Comics)

2.Tommy Gunn(Rocky V)

1.Nuclear Man(Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)


Edited by chapapote
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major underscore


83. The French taunter(Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail)

This one made me lol.


Other than that it's not a very impressive list, I think.




How about these:


Gordon Gecko (Wall Street)

John Milton (Devil's Advocate)

The Terminator (Terminator)

Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction; the character played by Samuel Jackson)

Tyrion Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Edited by major underscore
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Why the f is Red Skull on there?

Who's Red Skull? blush.gif

That's what I think about half of the vilains here.



Other than that it's not a very impressive list, I think.

I agree. It seems that popularity of the media they come from was a more important reason to add them than villainy itself.

Edited by chapapote
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major underscore

Then there is of course the issue of what makes a "good villain". Is the villian just supposed to be a mean killing machine (like a few on the list) or are we looking for more complex villains with personality and a good backstory ("Magneto" from Marvel Comics)?

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And then, there's of course the issue of where are all the villains of XIX century and before. Iago was the only classic villain. That's, unfortunately, something absolutely all "Greatest X of all time" lists seem to miss.

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83. The French taunter(Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail)

Lol! I love these guys who made the list!

He should be first though cry.gif

"I fart in your general direction!"


Anyways, I don't quite agree to that list.

Out of the ones on top 10 - Palpatine, Joker etc - many should be replaced.

Even Mr. Burns is more terrifying than Palpatine if you ask me.

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Why the f is Red Skull on there?

And why the f*ck isn't Loki on the list?! At least in the new Thor series, Loki is f*cking diabolical.

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ghost of delete key


That's just a terrible list.

user posted image



I read that in Cleveland Brown's voice, and it worked. colgate.gif



I agree it's terrible, but my guess is that it's basically because it's a comprehensive list of current pop-culture villiains, very few of which aren't formulaic, derivitave plot devices.


The way the list is stilted, it looks like the poll was taken at a comic book convention.

The front-runners are all either comic book or fantasy figures, with the occasional blockbuster cinema hit.

The back of the list has many more non-fantasy-sci-fi figures, all the "classical" characters and the more mainstream pop and scifi.


user posted image


If they conducted the poll here, the list would be full of GTA villains.


I didn't see Diaz or the Ballas anywhere on that list. confused.gif

Edited by ghost of delete key
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How the hell did The Others from LOST even get on that list? They aren't villains, they're the good guys...kinda. Just misunderstood. Anyway, there is a lot of wrong stuff in that list. It's a bullsh*t list.

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I don't think the list is that bad. This is Wizard after all, they're going to favor sci-fi and comics. It's got Biff Tannen and Francis Buxton, that makes it good in my book.


Does anyone have a link to the old GTAforums top villains contest? Yeah it was only movies, but I'd like to compare notes.

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they're going to favor sci-fi and comics.

Yeah, well, one of the greatest sci-fi villain isn't on the list. Or maybe I overlooked it...Scorpius from Farscape. That dude creeps me out and he is such a great character.

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Well Satan, Lucifer, The Devil, Mephistopheles, Bhaal, Mammon, and many others didn't make the cut as well.


[soiler]I wonder if they are hiding out or in a witness protection program or something....wait, I get it...incognito is the best way after all.



Diabolical or Infernal is not the same as "greatest", I suppose.

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And just where is Scar from Lion King, on that list? tounge.gif

I know! That dude was a motherf-cker!


I'm not sure about Joker being #1. Firstly because I'm all 'Marvel > DC'. Secondly, I think it's totally biased towards The Dark Knight.

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57. Principal Ed Rooney(Ferris Bueller's Day Off)


He was

and the school's Dean of Students, Edward Rooney


Facts that are Straight


They shouldn't have mixed comics, movies, tv shows, and video games. The list was weak like English Tea.

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Wtf Palpatine in front of darth vader?

and Norman Bates not in top 10. angry.gif


And what about Ricky from silent night deadly night 2? eyebrow villain...

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