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ARMY Fourteenth Team

Brian Walker

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About AFT

Army Fourteenth team is a fantastic story based on the WWII, based, but it does not have real events wich happened into it. AFT starts talking about a HQ in LV where you will have to do only simple tasks (The first AFT mission was my 3th mission ever, so the design is bad) but when you advance in the game you'll play a real storyline with losing mates... and getting news! The teams feature, well i know that it can sound kinda stupid and i can't remember how the hell i made it. Basicaly LV and SF are under america control, LV and SF got hundreds of teams while LS is under the control of the nazis. There's no Hitler as the story is fantastic and i don't want to mess with events wich happened for realy. I didn't talk'd and i won't talk about how the nazis got an army, how they got a state. You got to immagine it, after all the story is not about this. It just talks about the story of Matt Baker wich is a Private of the LV fourteenth team. So... enjoy!


UPDATES (from 22 april)

22 april 17:43 (in italy): Moved the characters list into the main post







There are my missions i hope you like they!!!!! plz comment

All comment are apprecied


Difficulty legend

Noob= U failed in a mission with this difficulty? man ur a realy @!$£% !!!

Uber Easy= Probably there arent fights

Easy= You will not have problems to finish this mission

Medium= Here you can get troubles

Hard= Stay at cover and be carefull at friends!

Uber Hard= Enemys are a lot and with a good acuracy, be careful!

Cheater= Ass of enemys everywhere, with good weapons and acuracy, be careful!


Status legend

With link: Done

Orange: Work in progress

Purple: Bugged


user posted image



1)|Difficulty:Uber Easy| -The beginning-: Download page

2)|Difficulty: Easy| -The first mission-: Download Page

3)|Difficulty: Easy| -Reconnaissance-: Download Page

4)|Difficulty: Easy-Medium| -The Mount-: Download Page

5)|Difficulty: Easy| -The Mount 2-: Download Page

6)|Difficulty: Easy-Medium| -Reinforcements!!-: Download Page

7)|Difficulty: Uber Easy| -A new foreman-: Download Page

8)|Difficulty: Easy| -Fourthy Team-: Download Page

9)|Difficulty: Medium| -Fourthy Team 2-:Download Page

10)|Difficulty: Medium-Hard| -Fourthy Team 3-:Download Page

11)|Difficulty: Hard| -Fourthy Team 4-:Download Page

12)| notify.gif Difficulty: Hard-Uber Hard notify.gif | -Defend the camp-: Download Page

13)|Difficulty: Medium-Hard| -Prisoned-: Download Page

cryani.gif 14)|Difficulty: Uber Easy| -Goodbye Johnson...- Download Page cryani.gif

15)|Difficulty:Easy-Medium| -Evasion- Download Page



1)|Difficulty:Uber Easy| -A new camp- Download Page

2)|Difficulty:Medium| -Back to the HQ- Download Page

3)|Difficulty: Easy| -f*cked- Download Page

4)|Difficulty: Medium-Hard| -For the team- Download Page

5)|Difficulty: Medium| -Where are all?- Download Page

6)|Difficulty:Easy-Medium| -Bone Country- Download Page

7)|Difficulty:Medium| -Defend and Conquist- "part1" Download Page

8)|Difficulty:Medium-Hard| -2 Hours Before- "part2" Download Page

9)|Difficulty:Uber Easy| -To Fort Carson- Download Page

10)|Difficulty:Easy-Medium| -Japaneses- Download Page

11)|Difficulty:Hard| -Plane- Download Page

12)|Difficulty:Cheater| -The last fight for the Army Fourteenth Team....- Download Page

13)|Difficulty:Easy| -To the Pier- Download Page

14)|Difficulty:Easy-Medium| -Michelle- Download Page



1)|Difficulty: Easy-Medium| -A new beginning-

2)|Difficulty: Uber-Easy| -To the base-

3)|Difficulty: Medium| -D-Day-

4)|Difficulty: Medium| -Road to the beach-

5) |Difficulty: Medium| -Town Fight-

6) |Difficulty: Medium-Hard| -Beating Down The Flak-

7) |Difficulty: Medium| - Saving corporal Baker 1

8) |Difficulty: Easy| - Saving corporal Baker 2

9) |Difficulty: Easy| - Saving corporal Baker 3

10) |Difficulty: Cheater| - The last mission





1) |Difficulty: Noob| - Under the bridge (Storyline download!) Will be released when AFT IV is full

2) |Difficulty: Medium| - At the same time

3) |Difficulty: Easy| - Ship

4) |Difficulty: Easy-Medium| - To the bridge


Characters list


Main Chars:


(The ranks may be change during the storyline)



One of the newest soldiers of the LV HQ. Baker is part of the 14th las venturas team, one of the better team of lv. You play as him






Hartsock is the best friend of baker, They have done all the schools together

And , After they got forced to join the army... They did it togheter too.

Hartsock is simpathic and has all the good virtues that exist.






Johnson is an good soldier, He was in the army for 6 months,Sympathic and good with aim.


OT: Johnson does not interact a lot in the story, i'm sorry for this because i never thought him as a main character. Even counting that if he dies the mission will fail.






Colin is an experienced soldier, He is the boss of the 14th LV team for years...

Colin is also a great leader wich can raise his soldiers morale for make 'em fight harder and even make them fight when the situaction looks disperate.






Desola is a paratrooper, he had his own team but a day... (You will save him in a mission)

Desola is also a great leader, he cares about his soldiers like nobody else.







Not a so much important character, he will appear just few times in the story.

Anyways he's the LV's HQ leader.






Freddie is like Colin, he had his own team but once that he lost himself in a forest he found there so many soldiers. With 'em he made a sorta of base. He will be the leader of it, supporting everybody wich comes near it.







Michelle is a SF soldier. She had a relaction with Baker. She left him for join the army, Baker didn't took it so bad as he was doing the same thing. Looks like that there's still something between them, atleast for Baker.







He's the foreman of the Fort Carson resistence team. Like everybody he just wanna the war to end. Not very a good leader but he can do the job.





An experienced soldier that joined the D-DAY, he will comand the mission ''Save Matt Baker''




A natural talent with the sniper rifle, also joined the D-Day, he got a good friend relationship with Miller, he will join the Miller's team in the mission ''Save Matt Baker''




Corporal just cause he were in the army for a lot of time, he does not got any kind of experience, he will join the Miller's team in the mission ''Save Matt Baker''




Another experienced soldier that joined the D-Day, he will join the Miller's team in the mission ''Save Matt Baker''.




A soldier who was sent for support the bridge defense. Baker does not know a lot of him




Same as Templar, but this guy looks more a "one man army"




It's the captain of the ship wich carries to LV, looks like he commands many troups





--Nazis ranks--

((Until the mission, Fourthy Team 3, You wont see the ranks effects))




A normal class soldier with AK, low health and balanced acuracy ((75))






A good class with armor, AK and a good acuracy ((100))






A perfect class against infantry, An klevar armor, M4 and a good acuracy (100)






The best class ever, Klevar armor, M4, Elmet, and a good acuracy ((100))





-BUG-ARMY Fourteenth team Mission pack (updated constantly): Download Page

ARMY Foureenth team FREE PLAY (Do whatever you wanna): Download Page



1)|Difficulty: Medium| ARMY Fourteenth team -D-DAY-: Download Page

2)|Difficulty: Noob-Easy| ARMY Fourteenth Team -Training: Download Page

3)|Difficulty: Noob| ARMY Fourteenth team -What happened to Michelle-: Download Page

4)|Difficulty: Medium| ARMY Fourteenth team -What happened to Michelle 2- :Download Page


Feel Free to use this Userbar for support Army Fourteenth Team user posted image


user posted image





Author:xbox360fan52;AFT- The begin




Author:4eGoku; AFT3- Saving corporal Baker 1



FROM NOW ON,ONLY OTHER MISSIONS (almost everything failed because at the time, i loved so much Army fourteenth team)



-------------Johnson Life---------------

1)|Difficulty: Medium| The family Download Page

2)|Difficulty: Medium-Hard| Moneys :Download Page

No ideas nervous.gif ...


-------------------GTA UNITED----------------

(WIP)Writting the storyline

1)|Difficulty: Easy| The beginning: Download Page

2)|Difficulty: Uber Easy| Pierluigi: Download Page

3)|Difficulty: Easy| Frank's Job: Download Page



1) Basic Tutorial Download


----Nick Fredson---

Intro :Download

1)Patrol :Download

2)Roadblock :Download

3)Bank Robbery: Download


---Brian O' Conner Mission Pack---

(WIP)70% Isnt one of my main projects like Army fourteenth team,its a mission pack with the storyline based on Fast and furios, but its in Italian

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



(WIP) Isnt one of my main projects like Army fourteenth team

1) S.W.A.T Intro

2) The first mission



---Fontanellato's Life---

(WIP) Another HUGE mission pack,i am mading it in italian for the moment, soon i translate it.You live in a little Country,Fontanellato, you have your life, and you'r just a 13..what can happen?

A Demo is avviable Download

Second Part

PS: Fontanellato is where i live, and the photo show the fontanellato's castle

This is a parodia of my real life




---40Th Mission---



Vice city's Army


(WIP)Isnt one of my main projects


No ideas


---Mini missions---

Kill the spy

Kill the spy 2

40th Mission

99% Of Dyom Missions

Kill the spy THE REMAKE




Biohazard Warning in Liberty City

In liberty city, a day,a terrorist throw an radioactive bomb.... the 99% of the peples got infected by a very rare virus, that transform they in...

1) The Virus

2) The Rocket


The Godfather

Warning you need the GTA UNITED mod for play these missions

The godfather missions to GTA SA!



ITS OVER 99!!!


Brothers In Arms

Maybe it not start, I first wanna know if peoples like this, so comment please if you like it ;D

Brothers In Arms Gameplay Beta


Bayside Roleplay

Goten46, My brother tryed to start it, but he get bored, so now i continue this parodia of the italian roleplay server (By Eddie Scofield, now failed)


+°+Splinter Cell GTA+°+

Splinter Cell on GTA SA!

The police arrested sam... But sam dont know the why, He must find who wanna he in prison.... By working once again in Third Echelon

||Chapter 1||Difficulty:Easy||Mission 1: Prison Break||

||Chapter 1||Difficulty:Easy||Mission 2: HQ||

||Chapter 1||Difficulty:Easy-Medium||Mission 3: LSPD||

||Chapter 1||Difficulty: Easy||Mission 4: Shetland||



user posted image

All of my ideas/projects/characters are under a License Creative Commons

Edited by Brian Walker
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Hi Brian, just tried out the first 4 of your missions, but except for the first one, I wasn't able to finish any of them. Its pretty tough to figure out where the next objective is. Now I think thats the way u intended it, trying to make it realistic, but atleast to me it felt like there simply wasn't enough info to go on.


Having said that, I really liked the general feel of the mission, the cutscenes and dialog. It really felt like you r in an army. Enjoyed the combat too (what I cud find that is). Its due to this, I really wanted to play them fully, but didn't feel like running all over the place to find the next objective.


I suggest u make a small guide for the mission, or maybe upload a video on youtube, to help the below avg player like me in finishing your missions.


And don't mind the harsh comments too much tounge2.gif

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Ok, i make a guide for missions,in .....30 min i make all guides


First Mission: At the start is easy,just go in the checkpoint near colin,after,the camp,is the area 69,go to the main entrance,after follow foley,then some one call him,then just follow the checkpoint (its under the area 69),when you reach the checkpoint just go in the only opened room,and go in to the checkpoints

Second Mission: In the start you have to land on the checkpoint (The parachute bug a lot of time,i mean it wont open) ,after you regroup with them just go in the checkpoint near the "house",After kill the terrorists,the helicopter,just follow the road at north and when it have a intersection,go forward and look ,the helicopter!,go in the checkpoint near it,after just go in your room and next,in the bed.

Thirdth Mission:Get the 9mm,go outside and go to the briefing room (the checkpoint is easy to see,just look at left after u go outside,after,the van,the van is near at the hole where u escape with the jetpack in the single player mission,then,after the cutscene,the van got f*cked again,nazis:the nazis are in the house (you can see it on the minimap),after you kill all of them,go back to johnson (the guy did not want come) and you hear a scream,go where the cutscene show,and you find nazis,kill them (dont destroy the car),after you see a lot of cutscenes,after those you have to go in the heli again,after to the room and again in the bed

Fourth Mission:Find the map(forward at you),go to the checkpoint and start a cutscene,kill the nazis and go forward for a lot (beware of enemys),after you see a box,kill the nazis (kill first the blue suited nazis,because i dnt have set the objective to "kill all",after the black suited"claude")check the box ,and after you play as Baker,go forward and kill all nazis,after hartsock ask for help,go to the marked checkpoint,after you hear a gunfire ,go to the white checkpoint and you can see johnson,go to the checkpoint near him,after the cutscene you see a van (i hint you to stole it),now there arent checkpoints,so,go where there arent bars,when you're high enough,you seen a lot of bars,exit from the van and proceed on the green zone,after some sec you can see a parachute object(where colin spawn=the start of the mission),do the same path for go to colin,after go near him (he have a invisible checkpoint),then start a cutscene,after the mission finish

Fiveth mission:Go forward (follow the trees),after some sec of walk you see some cutscene,then you spawn near the radio station,enter in it,and go in the hangar that have the radio antenna,go to the checkpoint and after go near the gate (big invisible checkpoint),then you spawn in a country,go to the checkpoint,after some cutscenes ,spawn some nazis,kill them,after come again the helicopter,go in it,after go where u exit from the hotel in like start of all missions,then to the room the bed.

Sixth Mission:get 9mm and go outside,after hartsock speak about your new room(remember the first mission?),go to the underground entrance,after smith call all at briefing room(remember 3th mission?),go on the checkpoint,go in the position and exit,for go to the heli just go to the marked place,after you see some cutscenes,then you spawn as cpt.desola,you have to survive from nazis attack (kill them),after you spawn again as baker,go in the fight zone,and in the house near it,it have a big invisible checkpoint,after some cutscenes comes other nazis,kill them and after back to the heli,then back to the hotel teleport,to your room and to the bed

Seventh Mission: Dont need a guide

Eighth Mission: Dont need a guide

No more guides, i make all missions simply to know now tounge2.gif

Edited by Brian Walker
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Ah and how to download my missions for edit them and dont just only play?

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Ah and how to download my missions for edit them and dont just only play?


They usually give an edit link when you upload a mission. They wrote something down to show you what to do if you forgot them,; you should look around the DYOM site.


Yea, I agree with maxpayne, not showing any radar icons got me stuck at alot of parts, cause I just didn't know where to go. I didn't even finish any missions. sarcasm.gif


I know its an attempt at realism, but it doesn't really help if there isn't alot of information to show where to go.


The missions were good, though. It felt like you were actually part of the army, instead of being"undisclosed" (meaning you are just there for fighting, ex. my army missions).




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The guide help?, i am italian and i havent english for main language, and im just 13...

i hope it help you,and in the next missions i give more info

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Hey brian, will try the missions again later using the guide. And if u are asking for making a read only mission (after u publish it) editable again, i have no idea. In all possibility it can't be done, because thats the whole point of doing it, making it read-only.


I also played leoncj's missions, and the difference between yours and his is what i referred to above. Just take care to make visible checkpoints from now on, and also choosing the marker on radar option (red or green). For eg. when leoncj asks u to kill all enemy soldier, they all show up as red dots on radar. Makes them easier to locate.


And if u are 13, how come u are playing and Adults Only game? biggrin.gif


Just Kidding moto_whistle.gif

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if a game dont have the 18/16+ simbol i never play it xD,im making another mission, A new foreman (EDIT)

Edited by Brian Walker
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Brian Walker

i start another series, Johnson life , i hope you like it, its an alternative story of gta sa

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Brian Walker

soon i made gta united mission too

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Brian Walker



Just make cutscenes biggrin.gif

If you wanna help with them ask me (and for comment you have to register..)

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  • 2 weeks later...
Brian Walker

Sorry but internet got f*cked, i am using a my friend computer, maybe i back soon bye, i have posted some of my new missions have fun to play them

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Brian Walker

Ty for the comment a lot kratos biggrin.gif

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Brian Walker

Anyone got suggestions for army fourteenth team or other?

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you can start make some comedy missions, somethiing that will put a smile on our face.

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Brian Walker

lol comedy missions, thanks for the idea, im going to work on this when i have some ideas..

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Brian Walker

Ok, i have a lot of homeworks all days, so i can make just 1 or 2 "for day" (big) missions.. sry

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Brian Walker

nick im a lil bastard because i killed colin and johnson? or you like those events for the storyline?

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Brian Walker

OMG i forgot to add freddie in the last mission suicidal.gif

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