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Multiplayer Tag Game


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I yesterday played GTAII via Hamachi with a few friends. In TAG Game after a few minutes the car of the hunted person starts burning.

we think that´s stupid. however, is there a possibility to switch that off? thank you very much.

would be cool.


bye, looking forward to getting an answer.



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Unfortunately, theres not how to switch that off, and that feature is one of the reasons why most people dislike TAG game. Tag game works like:


When you start the game, the host is "it". The objective is to became "it" by killing the host. The dude who kills the host becames "it". Then other players must became "it", just kill the current one. The guy who is "it" cant take any weapons, he will lose all his weapons when becaming "it" and his car will slowly get damage. "It" must survive as much as he can. Wins who was "it" for the longest time during game.


Theres no how to change how a game mode works, only thing you can change is frag/points count to win, game time, game mode, cops on or off.

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It's supposed to keep the hunted player from staying in a car, as it would be very easy to keep escaping by car. You can't disable it in the standard game. It might be possible to script a similar game mode in a points game with onscreen counters, but it would be far from perfect. It's impossible to determine which player should be 'it', for example, as there is no command that checks which player kills which opponent.

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It's already too hard to catch a good player, I like that their car burns. A GTA2 scripter could make a script that was similar to tag but detecting who killed who is difficult since there isn't any script command for that. A guess could be made based on score/cash.

Edited by Sektor
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Its not possible to check if player killed some script created char, but its possible to check if player killed someone and player died at same time, but it can cause wrong stuff to happen in game

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yes when 3 players are hunting 1 other he has no chance. that´s not funny.

there is also no possibility that two players go in one car, right?

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