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GTA2 Compressed Map Generator


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I worked on map compression and got it to work at very basic level.

I can generate very simple compressed maps.


I coded simple tool to test map compression for my map editor but i think about making it public as standalone tool for creating empty but usable maps.


It creates empty compressed map instantly, including one restart zone which is must have for every map.

It maybe used for testing your scripts easily (for example), if you don't want to launch heavy map editor.


Still needs work but it creates maps acceptable by GTA2.





At the moment it is possible to choose TILE for "terrain", restart zone coordinates and it's width and height.


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Might be useful for coders if you released it with source but probably not very useful for just testing scripts since you can use any map for that.


Did you think you could add compression to Jernej's CMP2GMP program? I have used that to convert simple BMP files to GMP maps just for testing but then I had to compress it with official editor.

Edited by Sektor
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It could be done if i finish the compression code and Jernej gives the sources of CMP2GMP for me. I never asked for sources of CMP2GMP.


I have nothing against making the compression source public (i think, lol) but at the moment it's not completed yet.


It doesn't take your uncompressed 6MB map and doesn't create ~276KB map out of it because this part isn't written yet.


It just generates the map from scratch at the moment. But im working on it.

Fully working compression is must have for any editor. If you can't save the files, what's the point of it.


So this is my primary "stuff" i work at the moment.



There is not much to be done but still...

Edited by B-$hep
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Delphi source code to all of Jernej's GTA1/GTA2 tools.


I actually don't really need cmp2gmp updated with compression support, I haven't used it for ages. I do think that the bmp2gmp feature is worth improving. I used it to convert some generated maze images to maps once, it worked ok. The walls it creates are really tall.

Edited by Sektor
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