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(Probally pointless) Discovery

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Hello. I've been a member for a long time on this site, I never make much topics about anything. But I discovered something I doubt anyone has encounter. I'm sure everyone is aware on what happens when you put a map object far away in the distants on the ocean, the object will vanish but still remains solid.

But I was messing around with CLEO and made this object appear on CLEO script, and now the object becomes visible even from far away in the distants on the ocean. I'm not sure if anyone was aware of this, but now it's a better chance to create alot of possibilitys with this trick, making islands far away into the ocean visibly, with cleo script. For example ..







// This file was decompiled using sascm.ini published by Seemann (http://sannybuilder.com/files/SASCM.rar) on 13.10.2007


{$VERSION 3.1.0027}

{$CLEO .cs}



thread 'OBJECT'

[email protected] = Object.Create(672, 765.0604, -3138.298, 1.046076)

Object.Angle([email protected]) = 340.6



wait 0



jf @OBJTEST_52



00EC: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 0 near_point 765.0604 -3138.298 radius 9.0 9.0

jump @OBJTEST_52







If you're running CLEO, put that script in, and just teleport to that location, you'll notice the object will remain visible when it's far away from the ocean, then when you try it on "IPL" you'll notice the object will vanish.


So that's it so far, let me know if this was already discovered because I'm not aware much on what go's on in this site. OH and also, are there any IPL to CLEO script converters? So that I can convert IPL objects into script so it's faster?

Thank You. <:

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wow!, great discovery, but making buildings always visible also will cause a performance loss...

the great ideea is making a island shape (very low poly) visible from far, like the boats in vice

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