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Driver 76, Gangs of London, LCS, VCS, or CTW?

Is Driver 76 better than Driver 76, Gangs of London, Liberty City stories, Vice city stories or Chinatown wars?  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. Is Driver 76 better than Driver 76, Gangs of London, Liberty City stories, Vice city stories or Chinatown wars?

    • Driver 76
    • Gangs of London
    • GTA: Liberty City Stories
    • GTA: Vice City Stories
    • GTA: Chinatown Wars

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I reckon VCS is better, please vote and discuss. biggrin.gif

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okay, I give thoughts on each game:



Driver 76:: supposedly it's like the PSP spin-off of Driver Parallel Lines. Except that Driver Parallel Lines was a disgrace to the old Driver games! Somehow they ruined a good thing, and somehow (in Parallel Lines) the police AI was actually inferior! It also turned Driver into a shameless GTA knockoff, which was the final nail in the coffin. I simply cannot recommend the PSP spin-off of a game I disliked so strongly.


Gangs of London: The major problem with The Getaway was that it controlled poorly, I read the spin-off Gangs of London controls even worse on PSP since more than a few buttons are missing on PSP. Accurate London recreation is probably neat on the go tho.


LCS: It's like GTA 3 with new (very simplistic) missions. The mechanics are far inferior to San Andreas. You cannot roll, you cannot climb, you cannot move while crouched (I'm not even sure you can crouch). Once you press triangle to tell the guy to "get into vehicle" you cannot cancel that action like in San Andreas, by pushing away with the analog stick, before he gets in. If you get into the car and immediately hit the gas, the guy will still close the door --- unlike in San Andreas where CJ would leave the door open and you'd just drive (and the door would eventually be closed by physics).


There's far too many little details like that left out of LCS.


Aiming mechanics are near broken, as you cannot 'lock-on' to a person and strafe at the same time. Manual Aim is extremely difficult to use, and again you can't strafe at the same time --- you're a sitting duck.


Story is forgettable: although there was one standout mission: you're in a freight ship, in this wide open room, and the camera is positioned up above --- and waves of chainsaw guys are trying to kill you --- slow moving, but always moving. You have to be strategic to survive each wave, such as luring them all over to one side, then running past them to the other side, once you have enough distance you turn around and blow one away with a shotgun, but then you have to keep moving because the others will be catching up, and you must keep moving.



/rant --- it was a very fun level. The rest of the game was unremarkable and downright boring.



VCS: It has empire building, but it controls exactly like LCS, and the narrative is no better. You murder people for no reason. There's a woman with a baby, and you have to get her out of the trailer park (or something like that), and to do this you murder like 10 rednecks. It doesn't make any sense at all.


There's also a transgender person. And helicopters. You can swim. You can run a brothel, or other business's. You take over a potential business building by approaching it, and then murdering everyone guarding it. With poor lock on controls identical to LCS.


Vice City also has some new lighting effects, such as neon on the sides of large buildings. And the sky goes all intense orange at sundown, similar to San Andreas.




Chinatown Wars: I've only heard good things. Mostly about mini-games for hot wiring a car, and selling drugs/making a profit. Obviously the camera is above the carnage, 'topdown' whatever-




^I'd go with this game, at least it has some new concepts to offer.




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I haven't played Driver 76, or Gangs Of London, but I have played/own LCS, VCS, and CTW.


For me it's a toss up between VCS, and CTW.

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Haven't played driver 76, but gangs of london was f*cking awful, and I wasnt rally fond of CTW.

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Chinatown Wars is underrated by GTA fans because of its camera angle. The camera angle the game uses gives it a unique feel and not 'just another third person GTA' feeling you get from the likes of LCS (which as explained above was missing loads of stuff that you could do in the previous instalment).


Although it is critically acclaimed and got really high ratings (even won hand-held GoTY if I recall correctly), many GTA 'fans' seem to dismiss it as "The DS GTA" with "crappy kiddy graphics" and that it's "made for kids", which is utterly ridiculous considering one of the main things in the game is selling drugs.


The diagonal camera angle CTW uses gives it a mixed feel like you're playing something in-between the third person GTAs but much closer to GTA and GTA2. The minigames in it are only really good on the DS version imo, I've heard things about the PSP minigame controls just being encumbering because they use button combinations instead of touch-screen controls. But that's just opinionated, the PSP version has new missions and exclusive content that the DS version does not, though I'm not sure about the iPhone version.


The cut-scenes are done in a comic book style and gives the game a great sense of character instead of going for better graphics - they took the artistic styled look. Most people don't understand that great graphics do not make a greater game. It's a very fresh and new GTA which is just as addicting as SA and has almost the same amount of stuff to do as SA.


I'd definitely recommend this one, it's on 3 different platforms now if anyone was thinking about getting their hands on it.

Edited by Reconite

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