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nVidia Users Rejoice


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The graphical problem has finally been fixed! Update to the latest drivers today. I just received an email from customer support telling me that they fixed the problem and I opened the support thread eight months ago; I was amazed to say the least.


Now git out there and enjoy GTA.


EDIT: London works too. Just rename "gta_uk.exe" to "Grand Theft Auto.exe".

Edited by fiercedeity9
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GREAT! How did you find out about renaming London to "Grand Theft Auto.exe"? I mean it's kinda hard to guess that this will actually solve the graphics problem. Well, thanks for sharing! biggrin.gif



Anyway, it's time to celebrate. I've been waiting for this for soooo long time! GTA1 was always my favorite game. Two years ago I bought a new laptop with GeForce graphics card and all. And guess what - GTA1 didn't work. I couldn't believe it. Now, I'm so happy to see NVIDIA finally solved the problem.

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It literally came to me while I was half asleep! For some reason the original CD version of the game worked as well and the executables had the same name. I wondered what would happen if I renamed the London executable and hey; it worked.


I'm glad someone got some use out of this topic! tounge.gif


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Now I can finally stop using virtual machine to play the game. Come to think of it - I actually had to emulate the whole operating system to be able to play a small game... colgate.gif


I don't understand it, though. How can changing the file name of the exe file help the graphics work.


Unless NVIDIA people actually looked up why GTA1 doesn't work, write up a fix and apply it directly to the file that starts the game (in their case Grand Theft Auto.exe. So the game has to have that file otherwise the new drivers wont recognize it as GTA1.

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That was my thinking too. Their fixes probably apply per executable and by renaming the file you're essentially tricking the fix into working for another game.

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I believe many people have complained about it around the web, so NVIDIA people took a look at it and fix it. That's kinda cool, don't you think? A big company like NVIDIA actually considering users' requests and fixing the specific games. That will keep the NVIDIA fun base growing!


Although they could already fix the problems in the first place. wink.gif

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