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23rd mission on residental area

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It's been a while I was not playing gta 2. I finished all missions on residental area (2nd city) but 23rd mission as it says. What is it? Cause it says 22 of 23 missions finished.

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I think if you do the scientist missions in a certain order then a mission gets lost.

Edited by Sektor

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In the previous area, you were supposed to finish 7 missions from each gangs. So that makes 21 and one more mission about killing gang bosses which attack you so it makes 22. It was same for second area 7 missions for each and boss killing. But it says 23. Is it a bug or glitch? Or is it about collecting something, making stats higher etc... ?

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Its a script bug i guess. Some mission may glitch sometimes depending on the order you do them and some counters mess up and add +2 or +3 for total missions passed instead +1, so it says you passed 22 missions and gives you final job. And after you make the final job you cant make any mission so it does s**t

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You can give this a little reading:




Basicly, what happens, at least on my version (the freely downloadable PC version), is that the Red Necks actually have one extra mission. I did it and then it says I completed 8/7 missions for them. It was an extra yellow phone mission if I'm not mistaken. And it was not hidden or anything like that. I just went to the good old regular yellow phones and it was ringing. Even that little job compass thingy was pointing at it. Actually, I just went back there because of it. I had just passed the 2nd yellow job for them and them, after saving the game, when I came out of the church, the compass was pointing there.


But after that our roads differ a little. What happened to me was that I went one and finished all job, except by the Scientists red phone ones. The first red phone mission was the remote taxy one, which is probably the easiest mission of this map. After I finished it, the game told me I had completed 22/22 missions (because of the extra red neck one) and that triggered the last job, the one where you must kill the three bosses. And I still had last red phone to go...


Well, after finishing the last job (the kill all gang leaders job), the game told me I had passed 23/22 jobs!!!


But let's not stop there. I hadn't done the last scientist red job yet (the water reservatory) and the save game became glitched in a way that I could not activate it. Everytime I went to the phone the game told me I was already on a mission. But the mission had not been triggered yet. I mean, there was nothing on the water reservatory.


My advice: go check the red necks yellow phones.

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