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San Andreas Memories


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The point of this was to kinda to create a new story out of some stuff from the original story in the real GTA game, but with kind of a twist. So i hope to not have many similarities..

Once you play the three first missions in Los Santos, give me some feedback on ways i can improve and stuff. ALSO without changing the story i have plans, you can make some suggestions on what to add..and you might get lucky and see it in my mission.



San Andreas: Full of alot of heavy sh*t from betrayals, gang wars, and worst of all World Domination... Grove Streets are living it rough with the loss of territory, in debt because of thieves.. Ballas are hoping to dominate the world.. but they cant get it done without help from special individuals.. Dominating the world would mean to obliterate every other gang out there til there the only one left.. and possibly dominate the government. Can the Grove Street Families take back the street and prevent the domination plan.. Thats up to you decide.



Los Santos Memories

Taking Back the HoodCharacter played as- CJ

Saving A HomieCharacter played as- Cesar

Madd Dogg Stealin Some Mad RhymesCharacter played as- Madd Dogg

Big Smokes FuneralCharacter played as- CJ

Whats the Deal with Ryder!Character played as- Sweet

San Ferrio Memories

Las Venturas Memories

and maybe.. another finishing up.



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Tried the first two missions, liked them. Although I kinda find the battles tough, but that's a problem I am having in most missions. The combat system in GTASA is not that great (ofcourse much improved in comparison to previous GTA's), it being a port and all. So I would prefer missions focus more on story and driving, and keep combat simple.


Liked the stealth in second mission, although it was funny seeing other peds move about and not notice a thing colgate.gif


Keep going!!!

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