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9/11 Call

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The next time you complain about how bad your life is, watch this video. Do you think they should release this stuff?

Edited by Blaze

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Wondering what the debate and/or discussion is.

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"My life sucks, but hey, at least I'm not about to be crushed alive in a collapsing skyscraper right?"

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I think the actual discussion point here was whether or not they should release 9/11 phone calls...


Which I don't know, that's an interesting question. On the one hand I'm one of those people that think we have a right to information, however on the other hand that's a very private and intimate thing that no one else should be able to hear, especially if you're calling a family member and not just emergency services. I don't know if any of you have ever had to call for emergency services, but I know I wouldn't want the times that I've had to played all over the radio or on TV or something, not to mention if it was a family member calling them on 9/11...


Also I predict quite a lot of ambiguity with the whole 9/11 and 911 thing... Anyway...


This has been a pretty controversial thing ever since they began releasing the various 9/11 calls between victim's families and emergency services, and from what I understand quite a lot of families have been quite angry that a few movies and documentaries have come out using them without their permission.



As far as, "Think about this when you complain about your life," I hate it when people say that. I mean, what point does it serve to compare your reality to someone else's? Does it really manage to make anyone feel better? Does it really ever manage to make anyone's problems underwhelming? Well, maybe if you get stressed out about petty sh*t in the first place I could see that, but if tomorrow you got fired and you found out you had AIDs, I'm pretty sure thinking about how bad someone else has got it isn't going to make you feel any better. I don't know, I suppose next time I see some child crying about losing their mother in 9/11 I'll just go up and say, "Hey, well, at least you didn't have to rape her and kill her yourself like you would have needed to do in Africa," and that should make things peachy king. confused.gif


I don't know, man... Maybe it's just me, but if I'm feeling down about my day and the world, and flip on the news and see a bunch of dead Iraqis from a roadside bomb, I don't go, "Oh, man, at least I don't live there. I feel better now."


I also don't watch the news anymore.

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