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How you can Walk ? Can someone create a mod ?


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Hi, Gta 2 is awesome, I cant believe it that mods for this game exist. Why can't someone create a walk mod ? I hate the running sad.gifcookie.gif

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Why you hate this?

I would hate walking in such big city with such walking speed like peds have.

Of course they (R*) could have add option to choose from but they didn't.


I have never seen main player walking in GTA2. Probably game holds the state somewhere in the memory, like: standing, walking, running.

But we don't know.


I guess it can be hacked directly in GTA2 memory but it's not easy task to find this memory location.


Im working also on a my own custom GTA2 trainer (infinite bullets, lives, guns, etc) and i must say it's PITA to figure everything out. But this is OT already.

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Ok I said it wrong. I mean, I want to make a Gta 2 Video story, sure, I will need the running but the walking too. I know that you can walk for 2 seconds, when you fall back and then walk. When is your trainer finished `?

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I really don't know exactly.

I have different projects to work at:

GTA2 map editor, STY tool, SCR tool (stopped working on it at the moment) and of course the trainer.

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Btw, i have created trainer that get's you unlimited ammo for every gun (even mines) except Flamethrower. Flamethrower is located elsewhere in memory.

So it's rather quickly hacked together trainer to see the result fast + it has ugly interface.


It's not final version.

I wan't to put sweet things on it. But it requires hard work and more time and devotion.


But at the moment you can put as many mines on road as you want, have pistol, and machine gun ammo etc.


Do you want this?



What do you mean Medic or Khaki?

Changing remap is part of my SCR tool not STY tool. There you can change remaps.


Did you meant this?



I just tested Medic and Khaki remap with my tool and game worked for me. Didn't crash.



What map do you use? Does it crashes immediately?

Edited by B-$hep
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Well, because you didn't answer to my other questions i can't help you.

Much more info is needed than you gave in your last post.


I'm not a mind reader here.


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