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The Lost and Damned graphics filter

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By filter, I meant the option to enable a different view of the game as we see here in TLaD

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I don't own BoGT but I've played it enough at my mates house to realize the best way to play TBoGT is to turn up the contrast. It makes the game more vibrant and sets the scene a lot better. Hard to explain but try it sometime icon14.gif

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If you don't want suggestions, then don't ask for help.


I DID NOT ASK FOR HELP!!! i was simply commenting on my preference and he called it a "bad Idea." Ash simply wanted to seem smarter than he really is by posting some useless google info about some obscure setting that is non-existent on my TV. Ash, go help people that are actually asking for help.


FOR F..CK's SAKE!! Why post something in a forum that noone else is allowed to comment on? suicidal.gif


If you dont' want anyone to comment on your opinions or "prerferences" don't post them in a public forum. dozingoff.gif


I - by the way - felt genuinely educated by Ash's polite, informative and useful comment. I am very interested to know if something is "a bad idea" so I don't waste my time on such "bad ideas", and I most definitely would have risked doing excactly that, since that setting IS available on my TV (and on most flat screens I've seen).


So thank you very much Ash for that enlightening comment of yours. I was pleased to read it as it was good advice! icon14.gif

Edited by beninu

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