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[GTAIV|REL]Save/buy cars

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With this mod, the cars you drive will not disappear, as long as your in game. If you buy a car, it will never disappear! To buy a car, take your car to the dealer (the car icon on your mini map) and press O when you are there.


If you have any requests, just post them here biggrin.gif





- changed name to save car

- save all your cars

- edited texts

- added some audio

- your car wiill not get stolen atm



- save car type

- color

- dirtyness

- enginehealth

- car extras (ie with or without roof)

- your car gets dirtier every time you park it for a long time

- in dangerous areas, your car could get stolen!


You need version 0.893 of the .Net scripthook for this mod.




1. Download and install the newest version of the .Net scripthook

2. Download this mod

3. Unpack all the files in this mod

4. DELETE buycar.dll from your scripts folder

5. Put the files in the script folder (Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\scripts)


Edited by Sinn

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Superb, a mod that lets me buy cars that i steal.. sort off! I wanted this! Thankss!

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Does traffic disappear after getting into too many cars?

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Ive never actually had that, im not sure. The game will get slower i guess though. Not really sure how i can solve that yet.

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where to download?

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Any chance you can share the source code?

Edited by pedro2555

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