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What is your favourite GTA theme tune?

Recommended Posts

Dont know why I put this thread in GTA-LCS, just did.


So, which gta game theme tune do you all like the most?


For me- 3, VICE, ANDREAS AND LC.STORIES. Coz its all I got on game..well also GTA Advance and Chinatown wars..they are cool too.


Rockstar and Craig Connor never fail to entertain us with interlude!

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  • 2 weeks later...

GTA 3 and LCS. GTA 3 because the jazz feel of it.. makes it nice and relaxing to listen to ^_^ and LCS because it just makes you think.. Mafia warfare.. smile.gif all GTA themes are good.. but i like GTA 3 and LCS the best.

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The LCS and SA themes are my favorites. The former is just amazing and the latter gives the type of atmosphere I love.

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i dont think there is a theme tune that i have ever disliked. i mean how can you? its a major part of the game, but i havnt played VCS or the new xbox ones yet so..games of today may prove me wrong

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Algonquin Assassin

Vice City. Nothing beats its theme, or the game itself for that matter IMO.


I'm not biased though. ph34r.gif

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vice city is so great because i love 80s music, movies and pretty much the whole genre. for them to create such an amazing 80s cuban style theme tune in 2001-2 is incredible. They really do need more credit on these games.


gta3 theme tune is so original, always makes me think of the city and the cars.

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Vice City. I always remember that 'lost' feeling I had when I first purchased it being only 11 at the time and the theme song takes me back... especially the ending.

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Pooka Mustard

San Andreas' is a really good theme tune... You might feel like if you are, well, a gangsta..

LCS theme tune at the end looks like if it was "the army is preparing"... Still good...

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^ Oh my God I love that song!!!! I have it on my iPod.


My favorite theme is definitely San Andreas. I love G-Funk from the 90's so it was right up my alley.


The Ballad of Gay Tony also has a nice beat during the loading screen...

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I also love the songs that Craig Connor did for Liberty City. Im not sure about you guys but HEAD RADIO is amazingly unique. The songs are so original! So is every other song they created.


I sure wish they released some album called 'Connors Classics' or something, or sold 'Train' from LCS on a cd single, it would definitly reach..em..no.50 or something but its almost like a theme song for HEAD RADIO.

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  • 1 month later...

Gotta be BOGT's theme for me.

I've got it stuck in my head 24/7/4/12/10/10/10/10.


VC is a close second. Love that 80s sh*t.

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The theme song of TBOGT is my favorite,even though i knew the song way before TBOGT was released.

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  • 1 month later...

GTA 3, with GTA LCS a close 2nd. I love jazz music and gta 3's theme tune is all about jazz. Also, it reminds me a bit about the mafia, as does lcs. GTA 3 was my first GTA game, so the tune brings back memories.

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Apparently, I'm the only person who hates the "Vice City Theme"...

NO WAY! You're not on your own.

I hate GTA Vice City's theme.






here are the themes:

GTA 3: I hate it because it's so calm, I want to explode something when I hear this theme.

GTA Vice City: I just don't like it. dunno why.

GTA San Andreas: It has nothing special, liked it until I heard the others.

GTA LCS: It's awesome. GTA Liberty City Stories' Theme Song

GTA VCS: It's fine..


TLaD: The Lost and Damned's Theme Song


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry LCS, but VCS theme is my favorite. A strong, energetic 80's tune that fits perfectly with the game, and also the drumming reminds me of Phil Collins (ha!)

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1. VC

2. LCS

3. SA


my list here. I agree with tanslec, no theme to be disliked smile.gif And GTA 2's song that plays on the menu (something... short change?) was good too.

Edited by Shark_Cipriani
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LCS is the best theme song used for any GTA. It just hits you right away with the feel of mafia warfare and stuff. If you haven heard it, listen to it and you'll know it's the best.

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