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Can't install GTA:SA bcuz of Audio-error ;O?



I need this help BAD!


I was uninstalling my GTA:SA with Revo-uninstaller so i could remove all the ugly-ass mods and effects i had downloaded - i wanted a clean game wink.gif


Now i've tried to install it again, but when it have reach to the point where its installing "Audio", after a while, this message shows:


Feature transfer error

Feature: GTA: San Andreas Audio

Component: streams

File: E:/audio/STREAMS/MR

Error: Datafail (cyclic redundancy check)


And then the whole install-system close down, and game is not installed..


I've tried to install it again, but the same thing happens.


Am i screwed? I really dont know what to do cryani.gifconfused.gif

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3 answers to this question

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Cyclic redundancy check error(CRC) clearly means that you're DVD files are totally corrupted beyond repair or your DVD has innumerable amount of scratches. Try cleaning your DVD by the various methods stated here in this topic. If it still doesn't work then, you have to buy a new DVD as there are no other options.


@Weasel: That topic is old and it is not related to this one.

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If the install has an ignore button(i.e when you receive the error)click it and continue installation.Will work........ smile.gif if not there is no other option.CRC can happen only on a corrupted disc such as scratch etc.You still could recover it though through the above post smile.gif


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