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Max Sex Appeal from each store?

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Having searched the forum and google, my low speed connection only has so much patience before abandoning the search and asking here; The Forums here by the way have 74 pages when I search for Sex Appeal and almost every post not GTA related.


Is there a guide somewhere for each of the stores with listings of Sex Appeal values for all clothing?

I ask this because (according to a save editor) CJs sex Appeal is 910 leaving SF (ZIP) and now Victim has opened up, so I whipped out Brady's guide and bought all the best clothes from this store and his new appeal rating is 830... WTF Brady?


Brady's ZIP Suggestions; Jean Jacket, Black Khakis, Redor Gray Boots, Gold Chain, Zip Gold Watch, Black Shades, keep Binco hat (same Sex Appeal but has more respect)


Brady's Victim suggestions; Gray Jacket, Gray Pants, Keep ZIP Shoes, Gold Chain, Keep ZIP Watch (I tried the Gnocchi though), Black Shades, Red or Black Beret



Many Thanks

Edited by Krawk

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Girlfriends · Supply Lines · Clothes · Gang Territory · Car Mods · Burglaries · Schools · Stunting · Vehicles · Weapons


Modding questions belong in the modding forums!


Yes, at the top of every section in the SA forum, there are links to important topics-I listed them in the above quote for conveniance in seeing them. Just a heads up that at the top of each forum is the important stuff pinned, as well as the Pinned topics in each sub forum. icon14.gif

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I have seen something like that at gamefaqs; in StatsFAQ. Its quite long FAQ, stats that you want are torwards the end of it. Be warned that I dont have the slightest idea how accurate these values are.

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I think I just discovered a Trick while investigating this so this thread is being salvaged...I apparently did the Beat The Cock challenges after SF because the Desert opened up, when LV opened up that obviously opened up Victim and buying the clothes there reset my numbers to where they should be.


Sex Appeal without cheats;

1) Buy the clothes as you normally would for Max Sex Appeal.

2) Start Beat The Cock Challenge, get disqualified for shooting an opponent (I pick the Chicken Dude, little bastard for swimming so fast in a mascot costume!)

*You will note now then even with the Swim Shorts on your sex appeal is the SAME as if you were wearing the high dollar pants

3) Go to Wardrobe Closet and put on your high dollar pants

4) Smile, Laugh, do whatever...


ENJOY the boosted sex appeal without cheating. Interesting to note, I then went to Beat The Cock 2 in Fisher's Lagoon and did the same thing, the results were the same! I started the race with a boosted sex appeal from Cock 1, disqualified for killing an opponent, changed into the pants again, Sex Appeal went up another 80 points, I'm at 990 now, tried Cock 2 again with no boost, will try some more but game time is now Monday morning, maybe it's cumulative all the way to 2000, VBG! Maybe I need to Alternate challenges from Cock 1 to Cock 2. Will see.

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bamspeedy1298's Stats FAQ (and other guides) lists the sex appeal and respect provided by the various articles of clothing. If there is any doubt about the values you could check your shopping.dat data file; it's in plain text. bamspeedy1298 was the person that discovered the Wardrobe Glitch. If you remove clothing in the wardrobe is does not deduct the stats for the clothing, so you can remove an item, put it on, remove it again, etc. and pad the sex appeal as high as you'd like. The trick works quickly when you use the nice items available later in the game, but it can also work with just the white tank CJ starts the game with. According to the guide, it takes 33 iterations to max the sex appeal with just the white tank top. Still, it's a useful trick if you are messing around with the girlfriends at the beginning of the game.


BTW, getting a haircut will recalculate the sex appeal and clear any glitched stats. So if you want max sex appeal with a dorky haircut be sure to get the haircut first.

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So what you're saying is, early in the game simply remove the white tank top then put it back on, you don't need to exit the wardrobe? So doing the same trick with Didier Sachs Tweed Jacket -> Bare Torso ->Tweed Jacket will max out sex appeal in nearly no time at all? LOL It's irritating the things I discover on my own but to find it in a guide later but yet I thought I have viewed all guides already! Sort of like missing the Clothing Guide on this site even though the link to it is on every page.


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lil weasel

Of the one page of Topics on Sex Appeal

here are three that had a lot replys:







My Selections:


Eris T Shirt

Green Jeans

HiTop Sneaks

Africa Pendant

Green Rag

Green Rag Back


Base 5 Hood

Silver Cuban

Face Black


MidTop Sneakers

Sun Glasses


Gray Boots

Black Shades


Gray Jacket

Didier Sachs

Tweed Jacket

Silver Crowex



Groove Cut







Edited by lil weasel

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Thanks weasel, actually those topics didn't help, my original problem was related to the neat thing thay call the "Wardrobe Glitch," I had bought new clothes but my appeal went DOWN because it was glitched and the new threads recalculated it, now I just use the glitch like 1-time and it maxes (50%), can't max to 100% without a car or cheat but that's alright. Certainly makes you a better driver when you're cruisin' as you don't want to jump out and drop the appeal!

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lil weasel

After the fifth replay I stopped paying any attention to the clothes.

When driving a decent vehicle the meter went up 25 or more percent and that seemed to do it for the girls.

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