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Swapped Residential District


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Got one idea today. Why not swap the whole city?

Not only Residential but any of these three.

Swapped city is like completely new one.


So i took the ste.gmp and swapped the X and Y and saved the map.


Result is this (Residential district), this is place at the Rednecks.

user posted image


Of course all the lids, blocks and slopes bust be also properly rotated and swapped.

But i believe the final result would be very interesting.



I only swapped some part of it. Because when i swapped whole city then GTA2 just crashes at some point.


Very probably because of road arrows are fckd up.




It confuses the game and it crashes.

I'm not sure if this is the problem but i think so.


Another problem: you can't use original ste.scr anymore.

You must write your own script to be able to run the game. But i think that this can be fixed.

By just copying data from original ste.gmp. I just haven't tried yet.




Edited by B-$hep
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As i said all the blocks and lids must be swapped properly to actually see the final result.

The city is same but it would be like completely rotated and just like new one.


Zaibatsu will be at the Rednecks, Rednecks at the lower left part of the city and so on.


This is what i have planned.



And im not doing this by hand, just matter of changing of 2 bytes in my map editor.

Then opening and saving map.


Now im working on the lids and block rotations. This needs a bit more work.

Edited by B-$hep
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Hehe, I remember when I used the sty tool once I accidentally saved wil.sty as bil.sty and the road ingame was Looney smiley faces and all the textures were messed up like that. lol.giflol.gif

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I once rotated Tiny Town 180 degrees. The result was fun for a while, but it wasn't very interesting in multiplayer and I never properly finished it.

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I don't play MP, but how you rotated?

Block by block?


I tested map rotation in DMA editor, it works (i only tested simple buildings) but dunno about roads and such flags.

That's why i tried to rotate it with my tool.


If comes out that DMA editor rotates them perfectly, then this tread is useless and can be deleted.

Edited by B-$hep
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I used the "Flip area X" and "flip area Y" options in the Map Editor (Rotate area has a bug which produces countless invisible tiles), and then corrected all slopes and roads by hand. Tiny Town isn't a big level (hence the name), so that was doable.

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Remove hidden faces command works also. Buggy a bit but..

Just review your blocks and buildings for any bugs that this command may throw.

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