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Vice City High Res Textures + GTA IV Streets


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This mod makes your gta3.img 40 % bigger then the original one! cool.gif (more with part2 additionally installed wink.gif


ALL Streets in Vice City will be replaced by their GTA IV counterparts, in addition to that there will be more than 400 textures (only part 1 installed) from the city replaced with High Res ones (40 % of them - Ground Textures, 50 % of them - Building Textures, 10 % of them - small misc. tweaks)


I replaced about 90 % of Vice Citys Grass with Hi Res Textures. (50 % 512*512, 50 % 1024*1024)


I ´m working on part 2 (more than 400 hd textures in over 170 files)! For more information check out gtagarage.com cool.gif

I done this all alone and by myself for private use, but submitted it now because most of the good ol vice city modder doesnt support it any more. (SA´s fault)


Running on old/slow Systems the game could lag. This mod is for newer/faster/better systems. devil.gif


The Streets are just 5 % of the whole mod. I mainly concentrate on:

- getting the whole game look better & keeping the value in it, keep it real

- adding cutscene objects (chairs, briefcases, with double resolution than ingame one) ingame.

- reworking interiors & exteriors for tommys hideouts (sunyard is now in HD as well as vercetti estate, ocean view, cherry popper, malibu club, strip club,...)

- make hd versions of city texures (Complete starfish Island in part 2)

- replace common objects with hd textures (exploding barrels, crates, rocks, swimming pools, beach textures, carpets, walls, hedges, grounds, staircases, dirt)

- a easy install with a script file


This Mod does not/is not:

- Adding super new sportcars; which ruins the look of the game completely confused.gif

- replace any effects; there are plenty of those mods. i prefer my personal 51 mb (compressed) particle.txd, what i dont release. devil.gif

- adding any textures that wasnt in the game at all (except 2 san andreas ones, that fittet perfectly). I used hard modyfied original textures, so that they are High Res. monocle.gif

- Ruins the games looks by adding complete unfitting stuff like laser guns and weapons from halo/super new rifles suicidal.gif


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In my opinion it's its impossible to make VC HQ w/o remaking models cause they are uber LQ and their UV's are very very f*cked up.

-greetz breadfish_by_Moto.gif

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txde's right, but you did a nice job, though some textures are looking very plain, like the grass.
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Of course txde's right. But all high quality models ive seen just doesnt fit the game at all. For example cars.and nobody wants to edit building models in hq.

Yes grass textures arent looking good. I think I'm gonna replace all the 1024 ones with 512 ones. Also testing my grass photos ingame in 512.


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@ txdeditor, you got a pm.

@ all, please rate and comment, a fix for the plain grass textures will be the next step for me after releasing part 2. (i personally like it, first try were 2048 * 2048 textures)

i put alot effort into this and theres still a whole lot of work to do. please excuse my bad english, im austrian. (no, not australian, arnold schwarzenegger was born in austria, for example)


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Sorry for bump


Hi nice mod would look good with new palms mod and car mods etc.


PS were did you get the police skin ive been searching for one for ages thanks

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