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Recommended Posts

Very intresting and nice job icon14.gif

I've never imagined that those cars on the pic would be made into a police version.


I'm just wondering but are they re-paintable? Or are they going to stay as LCPD marked version? sigh.gif


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Hey guy,

just a reminding biggrin.gif

have you asked the original author to get the modding permission?


BTW, your mapping is preety good

I am now looking for someone to help with my Japanese cop car

Would you like to help?

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permission no I you help ok?

Um, you mean you haven't contacted any of the original authors? Cars, light bars...all of it?

If you're not releasing it in public then it's ok, but you need permissions if you want to give it out to people over the internet. Otherwise, it's going to be a problem sarcasm.gif

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Good work on the mapping, but i think you doesn't have permission from the authors, have you?

And also i think most of them are converts of Need For Speed, and this means you can't release them on GTAForums, of course you can show pics and stuff, but without permission of the authors you can't release them.


The rules say following if you might haven't read them, here are the ones which are important:



[4.2] Releasing Mods by Other Authors

Some members have released vehicles made by friends or people they know. However, this is not a wise idea as it can result in all kinds of problems. If a member would like his car to be released then they must sign up and post Themself. An inability to write good english isn't really an excuse. It avoids any controversy regarding mod theft/ripping, even if you clearly state that the mod is legitimate in your topic.


[4.4] Mod Theft/Ripping

Mod theft/ripping is taken very seriously and many people have been permanently banned from GTAForums for such actions. These forums are home to some of the best and most experienced GTA modders around, many will have seen almost every GTA mod currently released, even for games as far back as GTA1. You will NOT get away with it, and you WILL be banned for it. This is a serious issue and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Mods are released for free by their authors, the authors decide who uses their material. If you disregard an author's wishes for whatever reason, your opinion on relevance or importance will not be consulted. This is NOT for you to decide - only the original authors.


    * [4.4.1] Using parts created by other authors without permission.

    * [4.4.2] Converting cars without permission. (see below)


[4.5] Conversions

Conversions should be seen as a last resort. If for some reason the original author is unable to convert the model, or is unwilling due to lack of time/personal life, then the model may be converted under and ONLY under the following condition;


The original author of the model MUST, THEMSELVES, publicly state by posting in the GTAF topic where the vehicle is being converted, that he/she allows it. This is not open for debate / discussion, this is final. Anyone caught posing as an original author will be permanently banned, no exceptions.


If the original author is unavailable, or can't be contacted, the conversion may not be released.

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I don't think it's that easy. There are two authors for the light bar itself and also for the ram-bar, and the converted cars has other authors for each of them. Besides, SLAYERMAGGOT has already pointed out but the forum rules doesn't allow giving away converted car mods from EA games, or where ever it is as long as it's a commercially sold games, and those cars are mostly from there.


Even with the lack of English ability, it's also a common sense to atleast, mention the original authors names, but he didn't put it anywhere in this topic too... smile.gif

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I always support your work

I love the GTR in police version. How about putting it on my GTR SpecV?

It would be awesome!


BTW I've added you in MSN

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