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My name is Catalin, I'm a student from Romania. For some time (3 years) I'm trying to make my own MMORPG.

I've tried all of them. I've started with the basic mmorpg engines like XtremeWorlds, Elysium, Eclipse, vbGore and even Realm Crafter. Never got the chance to finish my game because every time a new project was on a role. I'm also a web designer and my company makes web sites and web applications for companies.


Last evening when I was searching for some stuff on my old HDD I found the game GTA2. I can still remember it was my favorite game of all times.

Since the last time I played GTA2 I can see there is a multiplayer hosting program or something like that. Didn't have this back then when I was playing it.


So, since I want to make a new MMORPG that looks and feels just about like GTA2, I want to ask you if you can help me with anything. The GTA2 engine... tiles... graphics or anything at all that could help me.

I need to create some quests, shops, items for players to buy and all that stuff.


I know is not an easy task but there is not a single mmorpg like this out there.

I can assume that people would be interested in this kind of game. Even if it will be free and it will be... people would still donate so hosting the server wouldn't be a problem. What do you guys say?

Is it possible? Even if you say it isn't I will still give it a try smile.gif

If you think it's possible to make this idea a real game, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game than please e-mail me on my address: [email protected] and we'll talk about this idea more. Or just post it here tounge2.gif


Waiting for you reactions.

Thank you!




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You can extract the graphics with GTA2 Style Tool.

Edited by Sektor

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Biggest mistake you ever do.


Every beginner wants to create MMORPG and soon realizes that it's very complicated and drops the project.

Same will happen with you if you don't have enough knowledge.



Every gamedev forum is full of topics like: help me create best MMORPg, please help me create MMORPG and so on.

Internet gamedev forums are full of such threads.


Of course you can try it out if you want. Nobody can't stop you.



Btw: how much programming knowledge you have?

What languages have you learned? At school or at home, where have you learned programming?

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It would be a quite funny idea. However, considering the small amount of people that still plays GTA2, I think it would be a bit of time waste.

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